crowded event with canopy

How to Use Your Canopy at Your Next Trade Show to Generate Traffic

You invest a lot of money on your trade show booth, from creating the marketing materials to designing your banners and table. You also put a lot of time into planning the logistics of the show, coordinating staff, getting load-in and load-out help and handling your inventory. After all this work, you want to maximize the traffic you get from attendees. A canopy offers you several ways to catch everyone’s attention and increase your foot traffic. Read more

5 Pro Tips for Succeeding at Your Next Trade Show

The sights and sounds of a trade show should be familiar: the labyrinth of trade booths, the bustle of the crowd, the feverish roar of marketers trying to convince prospects to purchase their products. Among all this confusion, you need to make an impression. After all, you won’t have long — a few hours, a weekend at most — to advertise your brand, generate new leads, and boost sales. Here are five pro tips for making your next trade show your best yet.

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