offline marketing strategy

Support your Brand Online with these 10 Offline Marketing Strategies

Online marketing is more important than ever. With the scope and reach available on the internet and the number of free marketing opportunities, very few brands can get by without implementing strong online marketing techniques. But that doesn’t mean that offline marketing is irrelevant. While online marketing is great for reaching a ton of people really quickly, offline strategies can be great for building relationships and reaching out to a more dedicated group or to a different type of audience you’ve been meaning to target. Here are our top 10 offline marketing strategies to help support your brand.

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new product launch

How To Use Event Signage When Launching a Brand New Product

Here’s a statistic that will shock you. Brands launch 30,000 new consumer products every year — and 95 percent of them fail. Perhaps these products don’t catch the attention of consumers. Or maybe brands just aren’t promoting them properly.

Here’s the kicker: Businesses that advertise products at trade shows and marketing events are more likely to generate new customers and drive revenue. If you’re about to launch a product of your own, event signage will boost your branding and promotional opportunities significantly. Read more