how to drive traffic to your trade show booth

How to Attract Trade Show Visitors to Your Booth When Traffic Slows Down

According to the Events Industry Council, global business events in 2018 generated $2.5 trillion in business sales. If you’re participating in trade shows, you have a major opportunity for increasing sales if you do it right. Trade show exhibiting has many moving parts, but one of the most critical things you need to do is drive traffic to your trade show booth. Without prospects to talk to or visitors to your booth, all your other preparation can easily go to waste. Read more

PMS color matching

How Do I Find the PMS Color of My Logo?

We all know the importance that color has for marketing and branding a business. We bet that by now, anyone in the world can easily identify McDonald’s yellow and red colors from their logo. This is because colors matter and they can leave an imprint in our brains, making them easily recognizable! Read more

best trade show apps

Top 10 Apps For Executing Successful Trade Shows

Every year, millions of people visit trade shows across the United States. Whether it’s a tech expo or comic book convention, the average trade show visitor spends 5.5 hours at one of these events. It’s your job to convert these visitors into bonafide customers. Manual methods just won’t cut it. The most successful trade exhibits all incorporate the latest technology. Read more