Top Trade Show Expense Deductions

Trade shows are one of the most lucrative ways to launch new products, increase brand visibility, and move customers through your marketing and sales funnels.

However, the costs of organizing a trade show exhibit adds up quickly. Luckily, you can deduct many trade show expenses when it’s time to submit your tax return. Here are the most common expenses and tax deductions when participating in exhibits. Read more

Fire Certificate For Canopies – What You Need To Know

If you are looking to buy a brand-new custom canopy for your business it is essential that you look for one that is flame-retardant and that you verify that it comes with a canopy fire certificate. While this may not be on your mind right away, there is always a chance that an incident involving fire may occur at your event. If you’re exhibiting at a fair or at a tradeshow where you are using electrical equipment that may require power, or if you’re cooking food or are next to someone using these, then there is an increase in the likelihood of in a public fire. Read more

Trade Show Follow-Up Campaign

5 Best Practices for Your Trade Show Follow-Up Campaign

So, your trade show is over. You’ve unfolded your work table, popped all the promotional balloons, and packed away your pop-up displays.

Now what? Read more

Custom Commercial Umbrellas

Hype Up Your Events with Umbrellas and Promotional Products

Hype up Your Events with Umbrellas and Promotional Products Fall is a great time to promote your business at trade shows and outdoor vendor events with unique promotional products like custom umbrellas and printed tents. Such events have the benefit of allowing you to interact with people who might never order your product or come […]