curbside tents

How Tents Became Essential For All Businesses During A Pandemic

In unprecedented times, businesses everywhere are constantly finding ways to stay afloat and continue their work. Local and major establishments everywhere have taken steps to make their guest experience more accessible and comfortable for their visitors using one very specific step: tents.
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Tips For A Clean and Safe Work Environment

Now that we’ve gotten the green light to go back to work in an office, it is critical that we get back in the safest way possible. Whether you work in HR or take a leading role at your place of work, you might be wondering what are the preventative measures you must take. Here are some tips that will help your job place stay safe, clean, and healthy during the high-risk times of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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What Your Restaurant Needs To Know To Successfully Take Dining Outside

In the recovering aftermath of Covid-19, many restrictions have been lifted and government establishments are beginning to allow dining establishments to bring their experience outside. Just in time for the summer season. So what’s next you might ask? Here’s what you need to know about outside dining.

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