5 Tips for Optimizing Your Custom Tents Design & Visibility

You finally made the decision to invest in a custom tent for your business and if this is your first time, you probably don’t know where to start. Chances are that you know what you want your tent to look like, but you don’t know how to design one. One thing you are probably certain about is that you want to make an impactful presentation of your brand and always stand out at all your events.  For this reason, we have created these 5 tips to help optimize your tents design and visibility. Read more

Performance Ski & Surf Proudly Representing Their Brand With Ins’Tent Tents & Flags

We love when our clients proudly show off their tents and flags at their events. It’s a clear indication that we’ve succeeded doing what we do best – helping brands stand out at any event! Thank you to Performance Ski & Surf for sharing this fun video with the Ins’Tent team. We love to see our products in the field, especially when your team is out having a blast! Your team certainly knows how to have fun in the sun. Read more

Don’t Buy A Commercial Pop Up Tent Before Reading This!

Presently pop up canopies are becoming exceedingly popular and can practically be seen everywhere from the beach to social events. We all know what they look like, but there is a huge selection available in the market and prices can vary greatly. At first glance, it can be difficult to differentiate a good quality commercial pop up tent from a cheap one, especially when you don’t know which features to look for. To help you choose the ideal canopy for the correct use, we have put together a technical buyer’s guide that will explain clearly and concisely what you need to consider before purchasing a pop up tent. This buyer’s guide is intended to help you compare the products and prices, and to allow you to make a confident decision in selecting the RIGHT POP-UP. Read more

custom inflatable furniture - tailgating

The Must-Have Promo Items for Tailgating During Football Season

With NFL season in full swing, it’s time to plan your next tailgate event. You know the drill by now: devour a burger, wash it down with a beer, and watch the game with all your buddies. However, in order to create the coolest scene for your tailgating party, you need to have some of the best gear such as a cool tent, printed inflatable furniture or even a fully customized bar – these will certainly make you the most popular football fan in the parking lot. Read more

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How to Use Your Canopy at Your Next Trade Show to Generate Traffic

You invest a lot of money on your trade show booth, from creating the marketing materials to designing your banners and table. You also put a lot of time into planning the logistics of the show, coordinating staff, getting load-in and load-out help and handling your inventory. After all this work, you want to maximize the traffic you get from attendees. A canopy offers you several ways to catch everyone’s attention and increase your foot traffic. Read more

5 Pro Tips for Succeeding at Your Next Trade Show

The sights and sounds of a trade show should be familiar: the labyrinth of trade booths, the bustle of the crowd, the feverish roar of marketers trying to convince prospects to purchase their products. Among all this confusion, you need to make an impression. After all, you won’t have long — a few hours, a weekend at most — to advertise your brand, generate new leads, and boost sales. Here are five pro tips for making your next trade show your best yet.

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The Power of Using Color for Visual Marketing

Your visual marketing message uses many elements to create a favorable impression in the eyes of your target audience. Color plays a particularly critical role in the emotional connection a prospective customer feels when they look at your trade show displays or browse through other marketing assets Read more

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Using Canopy Tents is a Must for Your Next Outdoor Event

Your marketing campaigns take you into many environments, from festivals to trade shows. Creating an exhibit for these events requires you to consider everything from the size of the space to the natural elements of the outdoors. A high-quality custom canopy tent gives you a valuable tool for your outdoor display. Once you first use it, you’ll never go back! You’ll put it on your packing list for every outdoor marketing event. Here are the five main advantages to using a pop up tent at every event. Read more

inflatable tent air dome kick start

Top Reasons to Select Air Dome Inflatable Tent for Your Next Event

The Air Dome is our inflatable canopy tent that is completely different than your average pop up tent. Here are some reasons why you should consider having an Air Dome tent at your next event if you’re looking to establish an impactful presence with a positive outcome. Read more