Do you offer free mock-up ?

  • Absolutely! Submit your logo or design to our in-house professional design team and we will create a free mock-up for you.

How do I know when I need logo recreation?

  • We almost always need a logo sent in a vector file.  These are usually files that end in: .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .svg.  If in doubt, send us your logo here and we will let you know.

Do you charge per printing location?

  • For our pop-up tents we have a couple different printing options:

Full Printing – printing all 4 peaks and all 4 valances

Front Printing – printing 1 peak and the valance below it

Valances Printing – printing only the 4 valances but having solid colored peaks

What is logo recreation?

  • We often need logos in a vector file to create designs that can be printed on a large format.  Vector files do not use pixels to create shapes, so they do not get blurry or “pixelated” when enlarged.  These are usually files that end in: .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .svg.  If your logo isn’t available in those formats, contact your original designer to see if they can send them.  If they are not available, we can “recreate” the logo into a vector file for a small charge.  The benefit to this is a clear image for large format printing and you will also have a vector file for any future printing you do.

Do you do PMS match? What is the cost?

  • Yes we do!  If you give us your Pantone Color (PMS), we will PMS match for free!

What is dye sublimation printing?

  • Dye sublimation printing yields permanent and beautiful colors onto fabric because it uses heat to permeate the surface of the fabric with the dye. Images on fabric won’t fade or crack. To know more about the different printing techniques download our E-Book here.

What file do you need to start the design?

  • The 2 types of digital artwork we work with are raster art or vector art. Raster Art includes digital photos as well as designs made in PHOTOSHOP, and it’s made up of defined pixels (tiny dots of color). Because there’s a fixed number of pixels in the artwork, it cannot be enlarged without becoming pixilated blurry. Vector Art includes designs made in ILLUSTRATOR as well as some PDF documents, and it’s made up of lines and shapes defined by equations. It’s created mathematically, so it can be enlarged endlessly without any degradation. You can upload your file here

Vector: Adobe ILLUSTRATOR CS6 or earlier versions: .AI, .EPS, or print ready .PDF files.

Raster: Adobe PHOTOSHOP CS6 or earlier versions: .PSD, .TIFF, High res. .JPG or print ready .PDF files.