How do I prevent my top from mildew?

  • To prevent you tent from mildew, never put your tent away wet.  Make sure your top is completely dry before folding the tent up and storing it.

Is my tent top waterproof?

  • Yes, our vinyl tops are waterproof and our polyester tops are water resistant. 

How can I clean my tent?

  • If you need to clean your top, we recommend that you dry clean your tops and flags for longer color vibrancy. You can also use a pressure washer on very low using only mild soap and water. Please allow your top to fully dry before putting it away.
    Note: Do NOT use bleach or harsh detergents to clean your canopy top

What should I do in case of windy conditions ?

If you are in an area that there is often wind, we do offer the option of having a vented top at no additional charge.  However, in any extreme weather conditions, we do recommend you take down your tent or flags.  All tents should be properly weighed down or staked down and can withstand harsh weather conditions.  See our super duty pop-up tent: the Vitabri V3 in 60 mph wind!

Is my tent top fire resistant ?

  • Your canopy top was made with fabric that meets the specifications for flame resistance. IT IS NOT FIRE PROOF. Keep all flame and heat sources away from the tent fabric. The fabric will burn if left in direct contact with fire.
    Flame Retardant Certificates are available here.

How to take down my canopy tent?

Take a look at the videos to learn how to take down your canopy:

How to set up my canopy tent?

Take a look at the videos to learn how to set up your canopy:

Can aluminum rust?

  • No, our anodized aluminum is rust-free and our steel is white power-coated to prevent any rust.