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Vitabri Pop-Ups

4 Models To Fit The Needs & Budget Of Every Rental Shop

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  • Tool Free Technology

    Fast and easy setup to save you time & money.

  • Low Maintenance & Easy to store

    Requires very little maintenance, easy to clean and easier to store.

  • Convenient Sizes

    10’x10’, 10’x15’, 10’x20’

  • Spare & Replacement Parts

    Always available

Marquee Tent

A Classy, Strong & Durable Frame Tent

Marquee Tent
  • Cast Aluminum Pole sizes

    For convenient & fast assembly.

  • 15 oz Vinyl Top

    Heavy duty, UV Resistant & Water Proof.

  • Tool Free Technology

    Fast setup & teardown without requiring a large crew.

  • Available Sizes

    20’x20’, 20’x30’, 20’x40’.

Chest’Air Inflatable Furniture

Boost Your Rental Catalog With Stylish Furniture

  • High quality .75 PVC

    Durable material that is easy to clean & store.

  • Large Weight Capability

    Seats multiple bodies to last from one rental to the next .

  • Highly stable & robust

    Capable of withstanding variable wind conditions.

  • Conveniently transportable & easy set up by one person

    Rental companies do not need a large crew to set it up and it fits in one transport bag for easy transportation.

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