personalized face masks

How Personalized Face Masks Boosted Branded Awareness

With the pandemic, face masks became a publicly enforced item one could not do without when going out. As businesses and public sectors started enforcing this mandate, the demand for masks increased so much that many stores could not keep them on the shelves, which led to their increased production by clothing manufactures and the promotional industry.  Businesses, schools, and sports teams saw this as a great opportunity for boosting brand awareness through personalized face masks with their logo. They became a great tool not only for encouraging safety but also for expanding marketing efforts.

Staff Presentation

 Companies took advantage of this opportunity by incorporating personalized masks with their logos to the company uniforms. You could visit restaurants, banks or the post office and employees sported their company’s logo on their masks.  This not only brought unification amongst companies but also demonstrated that the company was eager to keep its employees and guests safe. The benefits of giving employees company face masks showed that employees were not only eager to wear them at work but outside in their everyday lives. Personalized face masks allowed companies the opportunity to showcase themselves beyond their premises giving them more exposure outside of work for continuous brand exposure.

Promotional Efforts

Using custom logo masks as giveaways and prizes for your customers and prospects, turned out to be a great promotional tool with lasting marketing effects. It not only made customers and future customers feel like they won something special, but it also helped establish a relationship with a future customer.  It allowed the sales team of any company to reach out to a prospect and build a relationship. Prized masks were appreciated by customers and eventually worn in public promoting the brand.


Many apparel stores took the liberty of creating their masks. Whether it be designer brands or bigger department stores, these fashion brands took advantage of their established audiences, their budgets, and their taste to created lines of masks that fit right next to the accessory’s aisle.

Custom logo face masks were not only sold by apparel shops, but also in sports teams memorabilia stores and schools such as universities. Encouraging customers to purchase a branded mask came in handy for any industry as it turned out to be a profitable accessory. The benefits of a mask with a company’s logo on, not only boosted brand awareness but it is also encouraged the public to wear masks and gave the perception that the company cares. This created both a likable and comforting feeling to anyone impacted by the visibility generated from a personalized face mask.


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