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Innovative Leader in Custom Printed Tents & Displays

Since 1997, Instent Industries is committed to offer custom printed, innovative products such as pop up canopies, branded flags, displays, tradeshow booths, or inflatable furniture. We focus on two pillars: innovation and A to Z customer service. Our goal is to offer the best experience, guidance, and expertise, for you to find the right products that best fit your needs. We are driven by the success of our customers, and we care for you and your projects.

Thanks to more than 25 years of expertise, our Instent Team can bring your projects to life and give you advice & support for any event: sporting, marketing, promotional, corporate events, and tradeshows. With high-quality materials, heavy-duty frames, and the best designs in the industry, we intend to meet all your event and financial needs. Our experts will accompany you throughout your project, from consultation to design, to finding the best fit for you.

Our Custom Canopies By Size

Find the perfect pop up tent for you. From pop-up tents to large event tents, we have it all. Easily choose the size that will best suit your needs. Can’t find exactly what you’re envisioning? Contact us and we will help bring your unique vision to life

Explore our Most Popular Solutions

Get ready for a whole new level of customization! Whether you’re looking for eye-catching pop-up canopies or awesome trade show booths, we’ve got you covered. We’re all about innovation and making sure you have the best experience possible. Think of us as your partner in success, providing top-notch event tents that’ll really make your brand shine.

Eye-catching Displays for Every Event

Our tents are designed to seamlessly adapt to your unique needs. Our strength is in the art of customization, ensuring that our offerings seamlessly align with your unique requirements, regardless of their intended use. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you find not just a custom tent, but the perfect one that surpasses your expectations and fulfills your specific demands. Count on us to turn your vision into a personalized reality.

When You Order From Us - You’ll Work With These Lovely People

Our passionate team is more than just friendly faces. We are your committed partners in delivering unparalleled product guidance tailored to your every need.
Our focus revolves around cultivating engaging relationships built on trust. From initial consultation to final delivery, we extend our expertise, unwavering support, and personalized service.
Throughout your project journey, a dedicated account manager, project manager, and designer will be by your side, ensuring a deep understanding of your requirements and bringing your ideas to vibrant life.
Whether it’s a farmers market, festival, sporting event, or a professional party, Instent is your go-to for standing out. Elevate your brand with our custom tents, inflatable canopies, roll-up banners, or table covers. Make an #InstentConnection and leave a lasting impression with the crowd

Meet Our Happy Clients

At Instent, satisfaction knows no bounds. We take pride in serving a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to renowned brands. Regardless of your business size or industry, Instent is dedicated to delivering tailored experiences that elevate your events and brand presence.
Our reviews tell the story of this diversity, showcasing not just stars but the genuine experiences of clients across the board. From local businesses to famous brands, Instent is honored to be the trusted choice for those seeking more than just products—we provide guidance and advice that cater to every unique journey.

In this commitment, we understand that each customer, whether starting a small venture or representing a well-known brand, deserves the same level of attention and dedication. Join our satisfied clientele, and experience the Instent difference that transcends business sizes, ensuring that every customer receives the personalized service they deserve.

Featured Articles, Resources & FAQs

The Ultimate Hub for Knowledge: our learning center is your go-to destination for mastering product insights. Whether you seek expertise on canopies, displays, inflatables, or tradeshow booths, or desire a deep dive into Pantone Matching System or large format graphics printing – look no further. Your one-stop solution for unraveling the secrets of custom print event graphics is right here, where knowledge meets expertise. 

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Instent has been at the forefront of design, manufacturing, and sales for 25 years. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the sturdiest and visually stunning event solutions, ensuring unparalleled user-friendliness.

Powered by the latest manufacturing technology, we assure you top-tier quality and swift production times. Your event can’t afford delays, and we’re here to ensure your deadlines are met.

Whether you seek an event tent, a marquee frame, a medical shelter, or a custom-printed canopy for any specific purpose, we stand ready to provide with the optimal solution for your needs.

Our Factories

Instent Industries and its sister company, Vitabri Canopies, have been operating globally since 1997.  Our unwavering commitment to understanding customer needs, coupled with substantial investments in innovation and a dedication to producing high-quality products, positions Instent as a global leader in the pop-up tent industry.

Team spirit and trust are values that inspire our teams in design, manufacturing, and sales, of custom printed canopy tents, flags, table covers, umbrellas and custom printed displays.

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