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PMS color matching

How Do I Find the PMS Color of My Logo?

(updated March 27, 2023; originally August 2019) We all know the importance that color has for marketing and branding a business. We bet that by now, anyone in the world can easily identify McDonald’s yellow and red colors from their logo. This is because colors matter and they can leave an imprint in our brains, […]

outdoor event pop-up tent setup

9 Important Tips for Choosing a Quality Event Pop-up Tent

Planning for large, outdoor events as a vendor or company to showcase your brand, messaging, products, and services can be a large project. First and foremost, you need to make sure you have adequate staff, a budget, and a checked-off list of items — but perhaps the most important piece of event inventory on your […]

Uber event retractable banners

Retractable Banners for Marketing Your Organization at Events

If you are preparing for events, such as trade shows, expositions, fairs, or conferences, it is advantageous to have a retractable banner that is flexible, light, and easily customizable. Working with a company that allows you to customize aspects such as retractable banner size, as well as fonts and designs for retractable banner printing, is […]

Outside Custom Patio Umbrellas

Benefits of Using Market Umbrellas for Your Business

Outdoor events can provide a change of scenery and a chance to enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings. Also, they typically have more space, which means they can accommodate more attendees than indoor events. Such events are unique, as they often provide opportunities for recreation and relaxation, such as food and drink stalls, games, […]

Nintendo Switch Branded Pop-up Tent

Custom Canopy Tent Branding FAQs

Custom canopy tent branding refers to the process of adding custom logos, graphics, or other branding elements to a pop-up tent. A custom pop-up tent with branding is often made to promote a company, organization, or product at events, trade shows, or outdoor promotions. Between customization, accessories, and other factors, there is a lot to […]

custom printed market tent with wall

How to Make a Wise Choice for Your Company’s Next Market Tent

Going to trade shows and other outdoor events is a great opportunity to show off your company’s brand, establish new connections, showcase your products and services, and bring in sales. The key to success at these events is ensuring you have a market tent that will look great and stand the test of time. Purchasing […]

outdoor canopy tent vendor booths

Setting up an Outdoor Canopy Tent Vendor Booth

Company planning for an outdoor event using a canopy tent can be an exciting time, as it is an opportunity to showcase new products, engage with old and new customers, and generate revenue in sales. However, many logistical aspects need to be considered when planning for such events, such as how you will set up […]

custom tent vector image

Raster vs. Vector Images: What Is the Difference?

Raster and vector images are two different types of digital images used for a variety of purposes, including graphics, logos, illustrations, and web design. Knowing the difference between the two, the different uses for each of them, and printing raster vs. vector can help you optimize your company’s messaging and branding. Establishing the Basics: Raster […]

Inflatable Big Blue House from Instent Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

Instent Custom Inflatable House Increases Awareness for Habitat for Humanity in Pensacola

Instent Industries supplied a 20-foot-tall custom inflatable “Big Blue House” and inflatable hard hats to The Marketing Bar in Pensacola Florida. Marketing Bar provided branding and marketing products in addition to the custom inflatables supplied by Instent Industries to the Habitat for Humanity Pensacola, Florida branch for their recent annual fundraising food truck event. An […]

Outdoor canopy tent

Canopy Tent Weight 101: How Much Weight Do You Need to Hold Down Your Tent?

If you have a canopy tent, you should know that when using it outdoors, weights are essential to hold it down and keep it from blowing away in the wind. But knowing how much weight is needed to hold down your canopy tent can be challenging. The answer depends on the size of your tent […]