curbside tents

How Tents Became Essential For All Businesses During A Pandemic

In unprecedented times, businesses everywhere are constantly finding ways to stay afloat and continue their work. Local and major establishments everywhere have taken steps to make their guest experience more accessible and comfortable for their visitors using one very specific step: tents.
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Tips For A Clean and Safe Work Environment

Now that we’ve gotten the green light to go back to work in an office, it is critical that we get back in the safest way possible. Whether you work in HR or take a leading role at your place of work, you might be wondering what are the preventative measures you must take. Here are some tips that will help your job place stay safe, clean, and healthy during the high-risk times of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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What Your Restaurant Needs To Know To Successfully Take Dining Outside

In the recovering aftermath of Covid-19, many restrictions have been lifted and government establishments are beginning to allow dining establishments to bring their experience outside. Just in time for the summer season. So what’s next you might ask? Here’s what you need to know about outside dining.

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Online Services for Curbside Pickup

Rakuten Ready & Essential Online Services to Help Open Your Curbside Pickup Zone

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many businesses to come up with clever ways to stay open. One great approach was the increased opening of curbside pickup zones with visibly branded displays, tents, and signs ready to go for their customers. While these efforts are a great approach for a curbside pickup zone, it’s also important to consider online resources for a smooth curbside process. As restrictions around the nation begin to ease, more restaurants and retail stores will need to know how to smoothly run their curbside zone with online services.
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Four Things You Need To Consider To Successfully Open Your Curbside Pickup

In result of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing policies around the nation, many major stores and restaurants have stayed afloat through curbside pickup. What used to be a featured option in an establishment just months ago is now absolutely essential to keep a business running. As social distancing and stay-at-home orders are relieved across the nation, several law officials are opening up more retail stores with the condition that it is curbside pickup only.

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Screening Tent Stations

Screening Tent Stations & Best Practices for Returning to Work Safely

As the Covid-19 pandemic curve starts to flatten in some states, governors are developing a process for reopening their state, more recently, California reopening select stores for curbside. This might be exciting news if you’re getting ready to reopen your business. However, certain precautions such as setting up screening tent stations to test everyone before entering work premises in addition to adjustments must be made before going back to the office. Here are the best recommendations gathered from OSHA and the CDC to help you get your team back to work safely.

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McCormick Place: How A Chicago Convention Center Became An Alternate Care Site During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed medical professionals far and wide to reach their goals of patient care. An unprecedented event like this can cause strain and overage for hospital staff and patients, as well as medical resources. Alternate Care Sites, facilities temporarily used for healthcare during a pandemic, have led to the most familiar institutions, like convention centers, hotels or arenas, into becoming health-related shelters. McCormick Place, a convention center in Chicago, Illinois, is now an up and running field hospital.

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Alternate Care Sites (ACS): Their Rise & How They Help Medical Professionals Face Covid-19

About Alternate Care Sites (ACS)

The spike in Covid-19 patients across the nation has resulted in professionals across the medical industry seeking alternative ways to safely work and care for patients. This has led to the development of  Alternate Care Sites, which are facilities used for temporary healthcare by hospitals and medical staff to aid during public health emergencies. In this case, these facilities are being used to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Four Benefits of Using Mobile Medical Tents for Covid-19 Drive-Thru Testing

Increased community testing for COVID-19 is an important matter for these times. While case numbers are going up, this also signifies the improvements made across the globe in accessible testing. This is thanks to the thousands of doctors and nurses working under Mobile medical tents to safely and productively conduct testing. As this situation goes on, there are more and more reasons to consider using tents to conduct testing and help slow down the influx of patients at hospitals. 
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Trade Show Displays

How to Prepare For an International Trade Show

Taking your business to another country for an international trade show is a big step, making for bigger opportunities and bigger risks. If you’ve had your fair share of trade shows, you may know the ups and downs that come along with executing a successful event from planning all the details to designing the best trade show booth possible.

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