Top 2019 Largest Expos in the U.S

When you look at a list of the top expos of 2019, it becomes obvious that Americans love cars. Automobile trade shows dominate America’s expos. If you’re not interested in cars, then you have a couple of other options that you may enjoy. You can start your search by learning about the top 2019 largest exposed in the U.S.
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3 Booths at CES 2019 that Wowed the Audience

3 Booths at CES 2019 that Wowed the Audience Every year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) hosts a global gathering of gadgets and innovative technology in Las Vegas at its Consumer Electronics Show or CES, and CES 2019 did not disappoint. This year’s showcase of consumer electronics and innovation technologies brought together over 4,400 exhibitors […]

Embracing Color to Make Meaningful Impressions

Every year the” global authority of color,” Pantone, selects a color to represent the coming year. This impacts everything from clothing to furniture and even the promotional industry! So what’s the color for this year?
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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Custom Tents Design & Visibility

You finally made the decision to invest in a custom tent for your business and if this is your first time, you probably don’t know where to start. Chances are that you know what you want your tent to look like, but you don’t know how to design one. One thing you are probably certain about is that you want to make an impactful presentation of your brand and always stand out at all your events.  For this reason, we have created these 5 tips to help optimize your tents design and visibility. Read more

v3 canopy tent

Vitabri V3 – The Strongest, Most Durable Pop Up Canopy Tent [Video]

Direct from Ins’tent Industries, the V3 Pop Up Tent is a top of the line custom made tent ideal for promoting your brand to the world. Suited for any type of terrain, and built to last from the finest materials available, the V3 truly is the strongest and most durable tent in the industry. Check it out!

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The Ins’Tent Team Comes Together For SAA to Fight Cancer

At Ins’Tent we are a tight-knit group and love supporting each other! So when Kristen, our Logistics Manager, approached us with the news that her sister was participating in the 12th annual Swim Across America to raise money for cancer research & patient care and needed our support; we were happy to contribute and donate. Read more

Performance Ski & Surf Proudly Representing Their Brand With Ins’Tent Tents & Flags

We love when our clients proudly show off their tents and flags at their events. It’s a clear indication that we’ve succeeded doing what we do best – helping brands stand out at any event! Thank you to Performance Ski & Surf for sharing this fun video with the Ins’Tent team. We love to see our products in the field, especially when your team is out having a blast! Your team certainly knows how to have fun in the sun. Read more