How Restaurants Safely Encouraged Outdoor Dining During A Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed restaurants everywhere to step outside the box and ensure the safety and enjoyment of their patrons. Outdoor dining or patio seating may not be a brand new concept, but the wide range incorporation of al fresco dining on behalf of every dining establishment marked a change in the restaurant industry.

Many displays, layouts and structures such as restaurant tents and patio umbrellas were taken into consideration by restauranteurs around the world, and Instent was there to make it happen.


Dining Domes and Tents

Utilizing tents or domes for outdoor dining proved a great way to expand on an establishment’s seating area. These setups created covers that allowed for a larger area to dine in, perfect for safeguarding social distancing in a bigger space as well as having a cover for the outdoor weather.

An advantage to implementing restaurant tents and dining domes is the atmosphere they create. It is no secret that outdoor dining does not have the exact same effect that restaurateurs intended when they thought up their inside space. However, using these domes and canopies helps create an elegant ambience all the same.


Walls and Banners

Typically, the inside of a restaurant is purposely decorated to create a certain theme and atmosphere for guests to enjoy as they eat. While that particular setup might have been somewhat lost when moving everything outdoors, there’s a way to ensure guests had more than just a parking lot for scenery.

Walls and large banners offered the display that was left behind inside the restaurant. Whether that be a welcoming design or a scenic visual, setting the atmosphere by displaying a banner or wall was just another way that restaurant owners helped their guests adapt to outside dining. 


Patio Umbrellas

Using commercial umbrellas in outdoor dining areas offers a familiar take when going al fresco. These umbrellas prove to be a worthy investment in terms of branding, outdoor security and ambiance. They help go for the look you want for your restaurant, whether it be elegant, modern or casual, depending on how you choose to customize it.

They are perfect for rain or shine, and built with sturdy materials that can withstand any weather worries. The strong build ensures long lasting use, which makes the purchase one that lasts beyond the pandemic. 

It might not have been easy for restaurateurs to keep afloat at the beginning of the pandemic, but they certainly pulled all the stops when tackling a new definition of outside dining. Restaurant owners made sure that guests remained safe, felt welcome and enjoyed themselves all with the help of a few more displays.