Reopen Schools Safely

Top Items to Help Reopen Schools in 2021

With 2021 kicking off, school districts are thinking of ways to reopen schools after the holidays, while providing a safe environment for students and teachers during this pandemic. According to the CDC, schools must still continue to keep 6ft of distance in the classroom, lunchroom, and all outdoor activities in addition to cleaning and following safety precautions.  To help schools implement the 6ft distance rules and continue to follow CDC guidelines, here is a list of products we’ve gathered that you will find useful for your school. 

Pop-Up Tents & Canopies 

Whether you need to establish a safe designated drop off and pick up zone or a signup station for students, pop-up tents are always a great option for all types of school functions. Their easy setup and breakdown design make them ideal for hosting many different school functions. You can also print the school’s logos and or a specific message for students and staff to follow such as the covid safety guidelines.

Additionally, Pop-up tents can also be used as info centers or pandemic related areas, where students and staff can get their temperatures checked or pick up a mask at the entrance of the campus.  

Outdoor Classes with Marquee Tents

With smaller classes and the implementation of social distancing, schools will most likely need extra classroom spaces. A great option would be to take classes in an outdoor setting. Marquees are a great option for taking the class outdoors. Their tool-free technology allows for quick set up and to accommodate any school setting. 

These semi-permanent frame tents for schools are big enough to accommodate desks with enough spacing for social distancing that is comfortable and safe for students and teachers. They can also be used in fields or in spacious areas where students can eat lunch and participate in additional school activities.  

Portable Sneeze Guards

While practicing social distancing and keeping the desks separated is a great way to keep students safe, sneeze guards are a great solution for taking extra precautions. Students can be given their own individual portable sneeze guards that they can carry from one class to the next to prevent the spread of germs. Portable sneeze guards are lightweight and easy to clean. They also come in many different sizes to fit school desks. These are a great option for students as they are affordable and easily accessible. 

Enforcing Safety Rules With Banners & Signs 

Printed signage is essential when it comes to in-person school.  They’re a great way of reminding students of social distancing rules and the safety guidelines they must follow when on campus. The CDC offers free posters and the artwork you can be used to print on banners and signs to keep students and staff safe. Help spread awareness by placing these banners throughout the campus to remind students, staff, and parents to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The use of PPE has been enforced since the start of the pandemic. For this reason, it is vital that students and staff have access to the proper PPE. This can range from a line of face masks to hand sanitizers. 

Providing students and staff with the proper face masks and hand sanitizers is essential for all schools and campuses. Maks can be customized with the school’s logo and colors so that staff can identify students during school hours. 

Sanitizing stations are great for different areas of the campus. From the entrance of the school to the playground areas, giving access to students to sanitizers is a great way of preventing the spread of the virus. Look for a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol per CDC recommendations. 

While we are still uncertain how long this pandemic will last, providing a safe environment for students and teachers is a must. At Ins’Tent we’re dedicated to bringing you the best products and services to help you during these times. All our products are built from sturdy and long-lasting materials that will prove to be useful for the years ahead.


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