Disaster Shelters and Emergency Tents

Tents for Medical Isolation
Emergency Shelter Tent

Disaster shelter canopy tents are an essential resource for emergency preparedness. These multifunctional utility tents are designed to provide temporary shelter and protection from the elements in times of crisis.  Reliable emergency shelter tents can make all the difference in ensuring  safety and well-being.

Our disaster shelter tents have been specially designed to serve in emergency, first responder, and military capacities: as a medical tent, natural disaster shelter, for emergency response services, and more. Our emergency shelter canopies meet healthcare requirements and national standards for all facilities.

Our disaster shelter canopy tents come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different needs, so you can choose the right size for your situation. The tents are made with military grade and commercial grade frame options, so you can be sure they will hold up under even the toughest conditions. The tent material is 11 oz vinyl that is fire and flame retardant, meeting NFPA-701 safety standards.

Instent has a proven track record of delivering quality emergency and disaster tents.

Emergency and Disaster Tent Features

Our emergency shelter tents are built to follow the negative pressure technique which allows for ventilation of air to flow into the tent without escaping by using specialized features integrated to our tent. These emergency shelter canopies meet NFPA-701 standards. Frame type and size options are available. 

In addition to their sturdy construction and easy setup, our emergency shelter canopies offer a range of other features designed to make them as comfortable and practical as possible. The attachable flooring provides a stable and level surface that is easy to clean and maintain, while the heavy-duty zippers ensure that the tent is securely closed and protected from the elements. The built-in ducts allow for the insertion of temperature control devices, ensuring that the shelter stays warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and for ventilation . And for added convenience, the disaster shelter canopy tents also include a viewing window with a privacy roll-up cover, allowing users to keep an eye on their surroundings while maintaining privacy.

Quarantine Tents
Medical Unit Tent Flooring
Flooring is attached to the walls to guarantee the full enclosure of the tent.
Medical Unit Tent Zippers
Heavy duty zippers to close the unit while securing the air inside.
Medical Tent Air Duct Port
Negative Pressure Tents feature a built in duct port for HEPA or HVAC.
Medical Unit Tent Window
A vision window integrated on a wall with a door to allow for easy access into the tent.

About Our Frames

Our frame composition range from commercial grade materials to military grade components are ultra-durable and safe.
Military Grade – Air Craft Aluminum
High wind resistance for indoor and outdoor facilities
Commercial Grade Steel
Ideal for all Indoor Facilities
Frame Material
Frame Thickness
Leg Shape
Leg Diameter
32MM (1.26″)
Frame Material
Frame Thickness
Leg Shape
Leg Diameter
50MM (2″)

Security Accessories

30lbs rubber weight
Ballast weights are the perfect solution for securing your tent on asphalt.
Sand Bag
Can be filled with up to 20lbs of sand for security.
premium roller bag
Travel bag with wheels to transport your drive-thru testing tent.
professional stakes 3/8in x18in
Designed to hold your tent in place in case of heavy winds.
professional ratchet + rope
Automatic lock and release rope & ratchet – Holds up to 250 lbs.
heavy duty x-base
X base for flags
Ground Stand that is perfect for asphalts surfaces.
re-chargeable led
Lasts up to 8 hrs. Comes with a Wall & USB Charger.

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