We have a wide selection of Medical Tents including screening tents, specialized medical units and inflatable medical centers to serve any medical requirements. All medical tents feature high quality components that make them durable enough to withstand all medical demands for varying situations.

Medical Screening Tents


Whether you need a popup testing area or a drive thru testing station at a hospital, a clinic or a pharmacy, our testing and screening tents were built to provide you with the right support.

  • High Quality Materials & Components

    We use the highest quality components in the market to meet all your safety standards that you can trust to build your screening tent station.

  • 4 Frame Options & 3 Sizes Available

    Select from commercial grade steel to military grade aircraft aluminum to build the right testing station. Sizes range from 10’x10’, 10’x15’ to 10’x20’.

  • Fast Setup with No Tools Required

    Built with efficiency in mind, our tents deploy in just under a minute and you don’t need tools for the set up.

Employee Screening Medical Tents


Keep your employees safe by incorporating an employee testing station to screen temperatures before anyone enters the building. These employee testing and screening tents provide privacy and coverage for all weather types while individuals wait to be tested.

  • Durable Materials You Can Trust

    Select from commercial grade to military grade frames to build the right the best screening tents your employees and visitors.

  • 3 Convenient Sizes Available

    Our frames come in 3 sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’ so you can pick the size that best suits your business.

  • Fast Setup with No Tools

    We like to make it easy to set up so all our tents deploy in just under a minute with no tools required.

Medical Quarantine Tents


We designed the Negative Pressure Tent in efforts to provide hospitals the option of treating patients in these medical units at Alternate Care Facilities. Their design meets all healthcare requirements and NFPA standards for all ACS facilities.

  • Top Performing Frames You Can Trust

    Select from military grade frames to commercial grade steel frames for strong, reliable performance at all facilities.

  • Quality Safe Vinyl Materials

    High quality 11 oz Vinyl tops and walls that are easy to clean and disinfect. They are also fire and flame retardant for safety standards.

  • Fast Tool Free Set Up

    Our frames are designed to deploy quickly without the need of any tools.

Inflatable Medical Tents and Air Domes


Select the AirDome or the AirTunnel to build the best inflatable medical tent. Their fast inflating technology and high quality composition make them ideal for all medical testing and screening or to be turned into medical units.

  • Fast Inflation & Quick Setup

    They feature fast inflation due to their air sealed technology which holds air and does not require continuous air supply.

  • Made from Ultra Durable Materials

    The frames are made from Dacron, which is ultra-resistant against abrasions, and perfect for all types of terrains and climates.

  • Convenient Medical Sizes

    The AirDome comes in 13’x13’ and 17’x17’ – The AirTunnel comes in 13’x13’.

Inflatable Decontamination Medical Tents


Designed to provide support for all medical emergencies, this inflatable medical center can be quickly deployed on all terrains. It can easily be turned into individualized medical units for rescue or decontamination stations.

  • Fast Deployment

    Air sealed technology that allows for fast inflation and easy setup of these tents ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Easy to Transport

    Their design makes them easy to transport to any location andquickly supports yourmedical needs.

  • Convenient Sizes

    12 different sizes available to accommodate for the necessary compartments.

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