Graduation Celebrations

How To Safely Celebrate Your Graduate During Covid Times

Since the beginning of the pandemic, graduating students have faced countless disappointments. Not only have they missed celebrating major life events, but they also miss the chance to proudly walk down at a long-awaited commencement ceremony. While many states are beginning to reopen, safety measures must still remain in place for celebrations. Here are some tips to help you create a memorable graduation celebration for your graduate during covid times. 

The Bigger, The Better

A drive-by event can be as much fun as you make it, and one way to do that is to make a spectacle out of your graduation day. A custom pop-up canopy, for example, can make your event stand out during a drive-by event. Customizing a canopy or tent to match the school colors or to simply create a special message for your graduate to make them feel extra special. 

Maybe taking your event to the front lawn wasn’t the idea growing up, but there’s still a way to make sure the party goes out without a hitch coming from the great outdoors. Canopies and tents can make your party look bigger while also having shade or a cover for any type of weather standing in you and your guests’ way.

Make It Pop

Another way to make your events different while keeping the fun going is by giving your guests something they haven’t seen elsewhere. For example, outdoor furniture may just look like a place to sit on the front lawn, but when it’s inflatable, there’s more fun to it. Now, you’ve come up with a better place for your guests to socialize while keeping things safe outdoors.  

Color-Coded Accessories

A fun way to liven up your party is by adding pops of color that make the party much more fun.  You can add the school colors by using balloons or even colored lights to brighten up the event.  

A custom table cover customized with the school colors shows the school spirit and can fit your theme, helping you set up the celebratory mood. Add fun to your party by using your table as a place for snacks, fun drinks or a set up of party favors for your guests to remember the event.

Keep Everyone Safe

Face masks and hand sanitizers might not be party favors you had in mind when you were thinking of this special day a few years back, but it is still a great way to make sure your party is memorable to your guests for the right reasons. Handing out small hand sanitizers or trading in party hats for celebratory face masks will give your party-goers something to talk about, be safe over, and leave with.

Covid-19 has given society many surprises in the last year, the cancelation of big events is just one of them. That has not led to the cancelation of reasons to celebrate. Graduating from school remains a big deal, and there’s no reason why the pandemic should keep you from celebrating your loved ones. With the right setup and safety kept in mind, you and your guests can still make your graduation party a memorable and happy event.


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