Drive by Parties

How to Throw the Ultimate Drive-By Party

The pandemic not only brought changes to our everyday lives but also to the way we celebrate events. Everything from graduations to birthdays and baby showers has met the need for a creative adjustment. Drive-by parties rose to the occasion, becoming the most popular way of celebrating events for our loved ones while staying safe. Although drive-by events do not have the same charm element as in-person get-togethers, you can jazz up a drive-by party to its fullest potential with the right party elements.

Props & Decorative Elements

It’s all about the presentation and the displays that you use to create the right atmosphere. Consider using modern props such as creative printed displays with special messaging or a beautiful flower wall for a chic setting.   A custom printed tent with a birthday message or a congratulations message to highlight the event will let the drivers know something special is happening. You will be surprised how much attention a “Honk It’s My Birthday Message” gets as drivers pass by to drop off their presents and congratulate the celebrant. Also, with unpredictable weather conditions, having a canopy or a tent ready is a great way to be prepared for the unexpected.   


Don’t Forget the Balloons

Balloons have a way of letting everyone know that a party started or is currently taking place. They bring a level of excitement and happiness that sets the mood. Consider spicing up your decor or a custom tent by adding balloons to give it a boost. Balloon arches are always a big hit and a great prop for photo stations.  Keep the memories going by giving the attendees of your drive-by party a place to take pictures and remember the event. 


Party Favors and Gift Bags

What’s the best part of attending a party? The party favors!  

Kids of all ages and adults love attending parties for the gift bags and party favors. They look forward to getting a bag of popcorn, some cotton candy, or a goody bag stuffed with chocolates and sweets.  Make sure to have a special setting to display all the goodies. A great idea is to incorporate an area where you can have your cake or cake pops along with the goody bags. Add a  printed table cover with your party’s theme and you’re all set!  Customizing a tablecloth is a fun way of marking your event cohesive with a theme or you can also opt for a more generic and simple “Happy Birthday,” ensuring that your table cover lasts beyond just the one drive-by event you’re having.

There’s no pandemic restriction that suggests you can’t have as much fun with your decor as you would like. Take a creative approach and celebrate the fun while making the best of these moments. You’ll soon realize drive-by parties are actually easier to put together than actual parties and you might just miss these in the future.



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