Most Used Signages During COVID

We can all agree that COVID-19 has forever changed our lives. Things we would do worry-free like; going to a restaurant, attending a class, and going to the doctor, become more difficult. Because of this, businesses have had to take measures to make our new reality “normal.” Signage during COVID has played a big part in guiding everyone into this new reality we live in. Signs such as “now open,”  “Pick up here,” and “face mask required,” started to play a vital role. 

Here are some of the most used signages used during COVID.  

1. Open For Take-Out

Many stores were closed during the pandemic and many people were desperate to find what was open. Stores used flags, banners, and other signage to announce that they were taking orders and were doing take-out. These signs were helpful and allowed businesses to serve their communities. Businesses also used tents with banners to have a takeout section where people could come and pick up their food.

2. COVID Signage For Drive Through Testing and Shopping

While people were keen on social distancing, drive-throughs became a staple in every organization. Businesses had to improvise and add tents to their establishments to extend their business and make it accessible. Hospitals and clinics made it easy and safe for people to get tested without leaving their cars. Tents became the new norm and must-have during and even after COVID. Luckily many businesses were able to help design a tent not only that kept establishments safe but was an extension of their business brand and feel. 

3. Displays and Stickers

Stickers and displays reminding people to stay 6 feet apart can still be seen everywhere we go. Stores started getting creative and used banners in new unique ways during COVID,

 Display walls were helpful for establishment owners to inform people without them having to talk to anyone. Some displays showed food menu options, COVID safety tips, and business information. These banners were not only helpful, but they were also a great way for stores to promote their business during these times. 

4. Bold Advertising Signs

Businesses took this time to rethink their marketing strategy both during and post-covid times. How could they stand out? What would they do once restrictions were raised? Outside eating became a staple during covid. We saw businesses invest in custom umbrellas, tents, and more. The pandemic resulted in a demand for signage and promotional items.

We learned a lot about or selves throughout the pandemic. It is safe to say that businesses learned a lot as well. We became more adaptive to what was going on. Safety should always be a priority, but staying safe does not have to mean your business can not be trendy or successful during hard times. Just like we adapted to working from home, it is important that we adapt our marketing strategy as well. Something we learned is that customer experience is important. 

Businesses are competing with others to win back customers now that things are opening up. This is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone and win them back. Offer specials, new safety guidelines, and use promotional items that will set you apart. 

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