Steps Workplaces Have Taken To Make Covid-19 Safe Environments

Steps Workplaces Took to Make Safer Work Environments for Covid-19

The pandemic pushed teams of all industries to find ways to make the workplace safe for both employees and any business patrons. While a lot can be emphasized with the use of face masks and hand sanitizer, it’s the use of tents and canopies that became the secret weapon to help businesses flow safely. 

 Test Stations

Offices and workspaces everywhere incorporated policies in their employees’ mode of operation to sustain a safe and clean space. To do that, many created testing sites or heath stations. Oftentimes, the designated area would be located at the entrance or in a parking lot. A custom canopy or tent was placed within those locations to alert employees that  “TESTING” or something similar was taking place prior to entering the workplace.

Pick Up Areas

Customer service-related workplaces such as restaurants or apparel shops approached safety measures differently. For example, during the pandemic, it became all too common for people to order their items in advance, whether it be online, through an app, or by calling ahead. To accommodate those customers, establishments set up pick-up stations with the help of canopies that pointed customers to their desired location.

Line and Waiting Spaces

Whether there was a line to pick up something or a line to simply enter the stores, many establishments saw it fit to follow social distancing rules by placing stickers noting the 6ft apart rules where people could line up.  To make it comfortable while waiting in line, tents were placed outside to provide protection from rain or a comfortable shade on hot days.  


There have been many reasons for businesses and organizations to create drive-thrus in attempts to carry out their plans. This was used for food drives or school pickups but it was also used for Covid-19 related expeditions such as testing or vaccinations. Because of these intentions, organizations sought it necessary to use 10×20 canopies or larger tents to lead cars in the right direction. The process was typically smooth for cars while waiting in line and made safety measures easier to follow. 

While canopies and tents might not be the blinding and immediate answer when it comes to accommodating customers and patrons, it is a fast solution, especially while everything begins to open. They’re great for restaurants to continue to offer alfresco dining and provide comfort in pickup zones as they create shade to withstand a plethora of weather conditions.


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