inflatable furniture

Air’Lounge Custom Inflatable Furniture

Print any cool design for any event and explore new heights of branding!

  • Fast & Easy Setup

    All it takes is 5 minutes to setup without any tools.  All you need is an air pump and you’re ready to go.

  • Fully Customizable

    You can print any design, logo or color. We will not put a limit on your imaginative creations.

  • Light Weight and Completely Portable

    Conveniently transportable without requiring multiple people for transportation.

Chest’Air Inflatable Event Furniture

Simply revolutionizing the event industry by spicing up all events ranging from birthday parties, weddings to festivals!

  • Conveniently Transportable for Fast Setup

    Rental companies do not need to send a large crew to set it up. One person can set them up in 5 minutes!

  • Easy to Clean & Store

    Requires very little maintenance for cleaning and storing.  Simply use the same materials as you use for cleaning vinyl.

  • Large Weight Capability & Highly Stable

    Strong enough to seat multiple bodies and stable for wind resistance.

  • High Quality Material for Inflatables

    Made from Heavy Duty .75 PVC.

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