watch how to set up your chest’air inflatable furniture

Instent Tutorial: How to set up your Chest’Air Event Inflatable Furniture
  1. Open the packaging using a blade or scissors.
  2. Carefully remove from plastic.

    *Note: if using a blade or scissors, be extra cautious so you don’t accidentally cut through the product.

  3. Lay the Chest’Air cushion & sofa in a flat open area.
  4. Remove the air pump from packaging & plug into an outlet.
  5. Locate the top one-way valve & begin inflating the seating cushion.
  6. Securely tighten the one-way valve.

    *Note: There are two valves . The top is a one way valve to inflate only and the second is a release valve .

  7. Begin inflating the sofa by locating the top, one-way valve.
  8. Inflate the sofa to 80% so that it sits up firmly & insert the seat cushion.
  9. Continue to inflate the sofa until it is firmly inflated, and you’re all set!