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Introducing the Hottest New Trade Show Display System

The Quick-N-Fit is the hottest new trade show display system in the market. Featuring efficient tubular technology that is fast and easy to assemble. Each aluminum tube comes numbered so during setup all you do is match the numbers, connect the tubes to its corresponding tube and lock it in place with a push button. The frame comes with a high-resolution graphic cover that slides over the frame and provides a perfectly branded presentation.


Can Your Pop-Up Tent Do This?

Our Newly tested V3 Pop Up Tent is the strongest, most durable event tent in the market. When properly anchored in can withstand winds of up to 60 MPH!


Sneak Peak of Our New V2 Foldable Frame Tent

Once more we’re revolutionizing the rental industry with the new V2 foldable frame tent. With over 20 years of experience, our engineers have designed the V2 with the ultimate combination of durability, weight and aesthetics. Featuring 2.8” robust Aircraft aluminum legs, truss bars with stainless steel reinforcements, frame connectors made of injected aluminum, and cast aluminum footplates, the V2 is engineered to meet the high demands of the rental industry. The V2 will be available in January 2018.