watch how to set up your pop-up tent booth

Instent Tutorial: How to set up your Pop-Up Tent Booth

Setting up your Pop-Up tent booth is fast and easy with these instructions. You do not need a large team to quickly setup your pop-up tent, rail skirts, flags, and table covers. Our products were designed to make the process simple, easy and fast without the need of any tools.

  1. Open your tent frame box & place it upright with the feet down & remove all the packaging (weighs about 52 lbs – 2 person team is recommended for set-up).
  2. Mast Cap – Lift the mast cap & remove the bubble wrap.
  3. Place your tent in an area & open your frame half way by placing your hand on the lower part of the truss bars.
  4. Unfold your tent top. Locate the 2 end corners & hold the fabric. Then, place your top on the frame by throwing it over in a smooth & continuous motion. Then, place each corner on its leg.
  5. Extent your frame as much as you can by pulling from each side on the inferior truss bars.
  6. Secure your top to the frame with the loop & hook velcro straps around each leg.
  7. Mast Cap – Make sure the fabric is seated correctly (as shown in video).
  8. Loop the Black Buckles around the center of the truss bar (do not tighten too firmly).
  9. Lock your tent by placing one hand on top corner and then use the other hand to lift the truss until it clicks. Repeat for all corners.
  10. To extend the legs out, lift the leg up then pull out the lower portion of the legs. Locate the push button & select the desirable height.
  11. Attach the Back Wall by placing together the loop & hook velcro. Secure the Back Wall by strapping together the velcro on each leg.
  12. Rail Skirts – remove the poles from bubble wrap & extend poles out to the 4th position. Unfold the printed fabric & insert the pole into the sleeve of the Rail Skirt. Make sure the bar ends are visible.
  13. Locate the 4 clamps & 4 lock pins in the Rail Skirt accessory bag.
  14. Release the Rail Skirt clamp by turning counterclockwise & attached it around the upper portion leg (adjust tension if necessary).

    *Note: Always release the clamp before placing it.

  15. Open the lock pins. Then insert the lock pins & secure the Rail Skirt pole to the clamp. Secure the Rail Skirt by strapping together the velcro on each leg.
  16. Install the flag connector on the lower portion of the leg by firmly turning clockwise. Then, connect the 2 pole flag pieces together.
  17. Take the flag fabric out of the bag & adjust the Knott on the bungee to the proper tension. Then, feed the pole into the flag sleeve & attached the bungee cord to the bottom of the flag pole.
  18. Place the table cover on top of your table (table not included) & your are all set up and ready to go!