watch how to set up a v4 heavy duty canopy

Suited for any type of terrain, and built to last from the toughest commercial grade steel available, the V4 Steel Pop-Up Tent is truly is the strongest and most durable tent in the industry. The V4 is an excellent choice for any event or tradeshow.
  1. Start by placing your tent in the center of your setup area with a partner. Grab two legs, extend and move backwards while spreading the frame out.
  2. Grab the truss bar and move outward as you extend the frame.
  3. With a friend put the top on. Take your new top by the corners and throw the top over the partially expanded fame and place all corners of the top over the corners of frame.
  4. Extend the frame further by taking the bottom truss bars and pushing the top outwards while moving backwards until the frame is almost fully extended.
  5. Attach the canopy to the corners by wrapping the two inch velcro straps around the corners.
  6. Once the top is securely placed on the truss bars , secure the valance to the top junction pieces of the frame.
  7. Extend the frame as far as it can go by taking the truss bars and pushing the bottom outwards like you did earlier.
  8. Lock the frame in place by putting your hand on the top of the corner cap and pushing the leg slider up until you hear the thumb lock click into place. Repeat this for all four corners.
  9. With a friend lift two of the legs and slide out the bottom portion of the leg until it locks into place. Do this on the other side of the tent also.
  10. Adjust the legs to the desired height by pushing the thumb lock and sliding the legs out until satisfied.
  11. Use the crank to adjust the peak to the desired tension by turning it clockwise to go up and counterclockwise to go down. And you’re all set. Enjoy!