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Popular Custom Pop Up Tent Ideas

Custom pop-up tents have become essential for businesses when attending any event. They have proven to be a staple in marketing and promoting your business. The only issue is deciding how to customize your tent. With having designed, created, and built, our fair share of custom pop-up tents and promotional items, we gathered 4 of the top pop-up tent designs and ideas to help spark inspiration.

1. Custom Printed Tent

This brand made sure that people knew who they were from every direction! This fully custom printed Pop-up tent is perfect for any outdoor event.

Features: This Client customized their tent by adding

  • Two custom Side walls
  • One Custom rail skirt
  • Custom printed tent top 

Why It Works:

  • Simple but stands out in a crowd.
  • Branding recognition from far away. 
  • Easy to carry and set up on your own.  

2. Custom Food Tent

This Food Concession Tent is perfect for serving up your delicious food! Your food looks amazing, and so should your tent!

Features: This Client customized their tent by adding

  • Custom mesh walls
  • One custom back wall with a door
  • Fully printed tent top   

Why It Works: 

  •  Ideal portable tent for your events
  • Customizing drives attention to your stand
  • Allows you to brand while still closing off your area

3. Vendor Canopy Booth

Rosebuds Jewelry kept it simple and elegant with a vendor canopy booth. This tent is perfect for arts and craft fairs.

Features: This Client customized their tent by adding

  • Three stock color tent walls
  • Attachable Banner Sleeve 
  • Custom table cover

Why It Works: 

  • Showcases your brand in an elegant way. 
  • The Banner is detachable, meaning you can change it with ease.
  • No tools are required to set up. 

4. Pop Up Tent and Promotional Items

Minimal and fun is the concept of this design. The brand went for a simple tent and customized it with additional promotional items. 

Features: This Client customized their tent by adding

  • Fully Custom Tent top
  • One Custom pop up Display
  • One Show-stopping Backdrop 

Why It Works: 

  •  Easy transport
  • Backdrops are a fun way to have clients interact with your business (selfie anyone?)
  • Show stopper without breaking the bank! 

One of our favorite parts of the job is helping clients bring their ideas to life. Your business is unique, so why not have a display that showcases that. If you are not sure where to start we have designers ready to help you get started on making your dream tent a reality.

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