5 Reasons Why Your Home-Based Business Should Exhibit At Festival or Fair

Running a home-based business does not limit the opportunities to get your business out there. Festivals, fairs, markets are all events that can be just right for your business.

If you’re short on customers, looking for ways to grow, or stuck on trying to get your word out you may want to consider getting yourself a booth at a festival. 

Build Your Following

There are festivals and fairs for many occasions, both broad and niche. The benefit of industry-focused events like fairs and festivals is that wherever you choose to take your business, you’ll plant your booth knowing there are people there interested in seeing what you bring to the table. 

Surrounding yourself with people who are already interested is a great way to build your following, promote yourself and make yourself known to people who otherwise would not have run into your business.

Understand Your Customers

If people are reviewing your purchases on your online shop or having people interact with your posts on your business’ social media page, you might have an idea of what your audience likes and doesn’t like. If not, you might be stuck questioning what it is you could be doing.

Either way, opening your window to a different audience allows you more listeners and more opinions. Hearing things like “I wish you had one in blue,” or finding out what’s stopping them from indulging themselves in your business could spark your next idea.


If you know your industry, you may have other businesses on your radar that are in the same business as yours. Getting to know the people around you is a great way to both establish yourself in the market and connect with people that have the same goals as you.

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Build Your Brand

Getting yourself a branded booth and banner can make all the difference in someone choosing your business over a neighboring one. Sometimes, it is worth spending more on a better, sturdier, and nicer-looking tent to stand out from your competitors with a generic one.

Our vendor tent kits offer all of that and for a great price, allowing you to choose from affordable designs you probably wouldn’t find elsewhere. You can even insert your own banner, making sure your brand is known to anyone walking that fair, festival, or market.

Make Sales

A more obvious reason for why you want to consider getting your booth out there, is for the sales you make and customers you earn! When people walk these events, they know what they’re entering and are aware that they’re probably going to be purchasing something, that’s the mindset you’ll find them in. However, don’t be discouraged if you find yourself unsuccessful at your first event, sometimes it takes longer than one look. Allowing yourself to be there frequently and on a regular basis can turn one weekend’s window shopper into the next weekend’s open wallet. 

If you tend to work from home while you run your home-based business, it might feel hard growing your business. However, getting your booth at a market, festival or fair is a great way to grow your audience, attract it and establish your brand. Thinking you might go out and attend your first event as a vendor? Your next step is finding the perfect booth to make your mark. These vendor canopy kits are everything you could want. Now go out there and look your best!

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