25 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Custom Tent

Conventions, fairs, and outdoor events all make use of custom tents that provide gathering spaces for employees and visitors and platforms for attracting new customers. Advances in technology and custom tents material now allow customized tents to conveniently fit into a single bag for easy transportation. A single person can set up an inflatable arch or tent without the need for outside help, and the versatile canopies can be fully customized to meet the needs of event organizers.

If you are looking for ways to stand out at large events, fairs, and conventions, consider these 25 effective ways to customize your tent. Incorporating these easy-to-use ideas can lend a personalized touch to your event tent. 

1. Customized Signage

First impressions matter. Rather than leaving visitors guessing what your company does, make it clear using a customized sign. Custom tent designs can include logos and custom colors, but there’s not always enough space to provide all of the right messaging. This is where customized signage can help.

Your sign should be welcoming and informative. You can place it near your tent or allow it to hang via hanging wires. Focus on the most important product or service that you sell so you don’t miss an opportunity to attract a new client or patient. If your business is promoting a special offer, make it readily known by using a customized sign. Consider non-traditional sign options like a pop-up wall or customized tabletop. 

2. Uniquely Themed Décor

A customized tent isn’t complete without themed décor. Creative custom tents can be spiced up using readily available decorations. Keep it festive. If it’s December, string some tinsel around the tent or hang a few Christmas stockings. Other easy and affordable decoration ideas include:

  • Wrapping string lights around tent poles
  • Hang paper flower poms 
  • Use a decorative rug
  • Set up art aisles and place vibrant art

Add cohesion to your tent by working along themes. A tiki party or garden party are two timeless themes that can easily be incorporated into your event tent.

3. Drape Fabric

Drapes are an easy and effective way to add classy elements to your event tent. They also naturally conceal tent poles to add a more elegant feel to your space. Work with colors that complement your tent’s color. One easy way to mount drapes is to extend a pole across one or more sides of your tent. Work with materials that complement your theme. The right mix can lend an inviting atmosphere. 

4. Creative Lighting

Hanging lanterns, fairy lights, string lights, and other lighting elements can add accent lighting elements that enhance the appearance of your event space. Lighting can be practical if your event is outdoors during the evening. Some light sources can be harsh, so work with lights that are dimmable or come in softer yellow tones than pure white. Lighting can also be projected onto your tent. Custom lights can be used to project your company’s logo or other branding elements onto the sides of your tent where visitors easily see them.

5. Keep It Photo-Friendly

Consider setting up a pop-up wall or another area dedicated to photos and selfies. You can rent or build a photo booth with themed props that visitors can choose from. Hats, frames, bubbles, and masks are popular props that will make visits to your event tent memorable for visitors. If you have a setup for printing photos, be sure to include your company’s contact information or social media handle.

6. Craft Corners

Interactive stations are a great way to draw visitors to your tent area. Consider some of these fun interactive station ideas:

  • Ice cream bar
  • Cupcake decorating station
  • Craft corners
  • Cocktail bars
  • VR stations
  • Roulette table 

You can customize the events to match your product. If you offer dental services, for example, you can have a coloring station for kids to learn about important dental hygiene practices. 

7. Live Entertainment

You can enhance the vibe of your tent using live entertainment. Jugglers, musicians, DJs, and other performers appeal to people of all ages. Having a magician performing street magic is always a winner. Magicians need volunteers and participants, and adults and children always enjoy a good disappearing trick. Another great idea would be to include a balloon artist.

8. Themed Seating Area

Keeping a coherent theme is important. As you set up the seating area around your tent, you can include thematic elements that tie into your tent decor. People are always looking for places to take a break and rest, so keep comfort in mind when choosing seating for your lounge area.

air lounge inflatable furniture

9. Food and Beverages

Everyone loves a complimentary snack. Renting a popcorn machine can attract folks who might not otherwise stop by to visit. The unique smell of popcorn can be its own draw. Providing refreshments for visitors doesn’t have to be expensive. One cost-effective option could include offering three or four pre-made teas at a tea station. 

10. Interactive Installations

VR, online quizzes, and interactive art installations are always popular attractions. Floor panels that change design when folks step on them are a popular example found at malls and other public areas. You can create a large mural project by hanging large sheets of paper and inviting visitors to add their own artistic contributions. 

11. Customized Pop-Up Walls

Large pop-up walls can be customized to include fun and informative images with thematic elements that blend with your event tent. You can blow up an image of your newest product and include information about its benefits. Or you can create a fun backdrop purely as a photo wall to encourage folks to take group pictures or selfies in front of it. 

12. Curate a Lively Playlist

Many large events create a cacophony of chatter and noise. Create a unique playlist that has significance for visitors and your team. Consider the average age demographic at the event, and play the greatest hits from their generation. The right soundtrack can liven the mood and endear your tent to music lovers. 

13. Go DIY Using Crafts

People love taking home samples and custom crafts. Set up stations where folks of all ages can make personalized keepsakes to take home. Even if the items don’t reflect your specific product or service, you can include your company’s name and contact information on the DIY materials. A painted flower pot or custom-made candle could be a daily reminder to craft station visitors about the services that you offer. 

14. Gamify Your Tent Space

Games are a great way to engage your audience while creating a memorable experience for visitors. By planning ahead, you can keep the games thematically relevant. Consider trivia games with prizes that ask questions related to the services that your company provides. Or set people on a scavenger hunt across the convention space. Include prizes that feature your company’s logo and information so visitors are more likely to become future customers.  

15. Interactive Food Stations

Having a chef demonstration can keep visitors engaged near your tent for several minutes or longer. You don’t have to be part of the food service industry to take advantage of the popularity of interactive food stations. Ice cream stations can allow people to indulge in treats. Any interactive food station idea will offer a fun and memorable experience for folks who stop by your tent. 

16. Customize Your Canopy

Pop-up tents of all shapes and sizes can now be fully customized to reflect your company’s colors, patterns, and logos. A generic tent says little about the products or services that you offer. That can make it difficult for attendees to figure out what you do. They may simply pass by without an incentive or reason to visit and learn more. 

17. Use Fun Decorations or Themed Props

Floral arrangements, vintage props like film cameras, and other fun decorations can set your space apart from the others. People love seeing old vintage items up close that they may rarely see these days. Keep it fun and scatter the props around the tent to invite people to explore the items one at a time. 

18. Guest Book

A guest book station allows anyone to leave a personalized message. Provide a quality fountain pen to give the experience a more formal feel. A collection of well wishes, signatures, or even drawings can make for a memorable keepsake for you and your company. 

19. Greenery and Plants

Placing even a few plants can make for nice decor. Spreading greenery around your space can transform the area around your tent into a bucolic haven. Plants are universally loved by people of all ages. Consider bringing unique or exotic plants that can spur discussions from curious passersby. Plants can also help partition your space into areas for different uses. 

20. Custom Flooring

At indoor events, many booths are set up without flooring. Rolling out large mats, rugs, or pre-cut carpeting can lend a homey feel to your tent. Plus, it’s much more comfortable to walk over. Choose flooring options that complement your brand. You can also set out flooring nearby to set your lounge and seating areas apart. Matching both areas in color and texture will lend uniformity to your space. 

21. Comfort Amenities

If your event is outside during warm months, attendees will greatly appreciate fans or misting machines. Heaters, umbrellas, and other comfort amenities can also make your space warm and welcoming for visitors. They will be more likely to stick around and learn about your services or products. 

22. Bake Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. For your next event, you can prebake cookies or other sweet baked goods, including gluten-free options, or have a small toaster on-site to deliver hot, fresh cookies. If you make the confections ahead of time, you can design custom icing decorations that play off your company’s logo. One benefit of baking them on-site is that the lovely, enticing smell of baking dough will fill the areas and draw visitors. Include a custom decoration table to add an interactive element to the station. 

23. Product Demonstrations

Explaining how your product works is one thing. Demonstrating it is another. Having a product demonstration station set up helps potential customers understand how your product works. Demonstrations are always engaging to watch, and the interactive setup encourages folks to ask questions and engage with the demonstrator. You can follow up the demonstration by providing brochures and product information to visitors. Another benefit of hosting product demonstrations is that you can use a team member instead of having to hire someone. 

24. Kid-Friendly Activities

Fairs and conventions often draw children along with their parents. While the kiddos may not find every presentation interesting, they will appreciate having some fun activities to do. Drawing and coloring stations are always popular with youths. You can provide blank papers or pictures that the kids can color. Leave your company’s name and contact information on those pages so parents who take home the drawings are reminded about who entertained their children that day and created a lasting memory for their child. 

25. Make a Customized Bingo Game

Bingo games can be customized for any occasion. Design sheets with five rows and five columns. Fill in each box with something that can be found at the convention gathering or fair. Keep it fairly generic, so getting a bingo isn’t too hard. When visitors return to claim their prize, give a small prize, like a keychain featuring your company’s information. 

Create Lasting Memories by Customizing Your Event Tent

Pop-up tents offer a great tool for engaging new customers and growing brand awareness. Canopy tents and other types of portable covers can be fully customized to feature your business’ colors, logo, and branding. You can further enhance the experience of visitors to your events by incorporating some of the ideas mentioned in this article. 

Any tent can be decorated, but it is important to find the right size, shape, and type of tent to meet your needs. Our team is here to help. Contact our office today, and we will get to work to find the perfect lightweight, easy-to-use tent for your next event.