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5 Tech Trends to Elevate Your Event Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing and staying ahead of the curve, companies everywhere are expanding their marketing budgets to take advantage of the plethora of technology at our fingertips. One space that is taking a huge leap in terms of technology is in event marketing. If you truly want to get your business noticed and stay engaged with your customers, staying on top of the latest event marketing technology strategies is key. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 awesome emerging tech trends that can take your event marketing efforts to the next level.

Branded Apps

Phone applications are really shaping the way businesses engage with their customers. While some people aren’t very fond of face-to-face interaction, they can still get news, info, and make purchases from the use of their smartphone and get it done quickly. For some, event marketing can be scary and feel very salesy to the event attendee. Branded apps allow customers to engage with your business on a wide variety of levels at any event. These apps can really enhance the experience of the attendee, in addition to showing them a personal touch that helps to drive sales and engagement. The right app can provide many different uses, including:

  • Reserving tickets
  • Creating a personalized agenda
  • Tracking crowds and location
  • Providing more info to attendees
  • And much more!

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping provides a personalized, cost-effective way to really create an amazing experience for everyone attending the event. This new event and tradeshow technology is really expanding what’s possible. Projection mapping is basically augmented reality made by the use of projectors. With this amazing technology, you can transform boring surfaces or structures into breathtaking pieces of art by the use of interactive 3D displays. This can really create a “wow” factor at your booth, not to mention how you can really provide a unique, engaging experience for all of your event attendees.

Focus on Social Media

Social media has proven to be very beneficial when dealing with event marketing. However, it’s very important to use social media the right way to draw in the crowds and keep them engaged. While you want to focus on targeting your audience via social media during the event, studies prove that the same amount of people are talking about the event prior to it even starting. This creates excitement around the event and it helps attendees plan their agenda. Additionally, studies also show that users love quotes and multimedia in social media updates. Posting teaser speaker lineups and providing a photo booth has also been proven to drive engagement. That being said, focus on posting the right updates at the right time, and you’ll see the crowds flock in bunches.

Traffic Tracking Devices

When you approach a sponsor or vendor asking to display a custom tent at a trade show, they’ll want to know how much traffic you can bring in. And if you don’t have any of that data, it can be difficult to make the sale. That being said, your event marketing technology should always include tracking devices. Luckily, there are multiple solutions to make this happen. See below for some of these options:

Smart Mats

This is a very cost-effective way to track traffic. You simply place mats down and data is gathered as people step onto the mats. This is a great way to track attendance, wait times, traffic flow, and more. While these mats aren’t able to detect if the same attendee steps onto the mat multiple times, they still give great insights into which areas are most popular during the event.

WiFi Monitors and Heat Maps

This technology can actually track smart devices and personalized attendee movement with an advanced algorithm. That data can then be displayed through a heat map. This can provide a lot of valuable insights, including how long people stay in a certain area.

Event Diagramming

Ever wanted to see how your event will look before it’s setup? Luckily, there is some exciting event marketing technology that can make that happen. With this amazing software, planners can see how the event will be displayed in precise detail. In addition, these programs are very user-friendly and some even provide 3D walkthroughs. To really get a sense of the visual aspects of your event, diagramming software is key. A few companies that offer this sophisticated software are Social Tables and SmartDraw.

By paying close attention to the latest event and tradeshow technology listed above, you can stay ahead of the competition and create an event that’ll take your business to new heights.


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