Pop-Up Tents: Top Trends of 2024

Pop-up tents have surged in popularity in recent years. Their versatility and convenience continue to make them ideal solutions for outdoor and indoor activities. As the light and easily transportable tents make camping and outdoor events easy and affordable, several pop-up tent trends will shape how we use these fun and portable shelters.

Easy Set Up

Customers continue to seek pop-up tents that are easy to set up and take down. This year, features that allow for simpler set-ups, like cross-cable technology and convenient pole sizes that are easy to transport, will be sought after. Lighter materials, cross-cable technology, and other innovations allow a small team or even just one person to set up a pop-up tent in minutes. Any employee can handle the setup because it does not require any special training.

Watch These Pop-Up Tent Set-up and Take Down Videos

No Tools Required

Tents have historically required tools to set up. To secure tents to the ground at outdoor events, tent-makers have required customers to use a hammer to drive stakes into the ground. However, not everyone has readily available tools. Today’s pop-up tents rarely require tools for setting up. That is because the technology used to connect poles and fabric has greatly improved. Cross-cable technology, for example, uses industrial-strength cables to provide stamina and stability.

Customized Pop-Up Tents

Customers can now access a wide range of customized pop-up tents suited to the customer’s needs and emblazoned with colors, logos, and graphics that help grow brand recognition. Businesses, individuals, and event organizers can use customized pop-up tents to stand out and make a statement. Using logos, branding, bright colors, and geometric shapes can help your tent stand out in a sea of similar structures.

Outdoor food pop-up tent
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Increased Use at Medical Events

Pop-up tents have been popular at trade shows and conventions for years, but medical professionals are now seeing the benefits of using custom tents at health clinics and other events. Health clinics, community gatherings, and other outdoor events offer doctors, dentists, and public health officials the opportunity to connect with the community and share important messages about public health. Dentists are seeing the advantages of using pop-up tents and other forms of displays to attract new customers. Having an eye-catching custom flag or tent can inform passersby about the dental office’s location.

Modern Aesthetics

Many companies in 2024 are trying to keep their brand image updated and modern. The ease of customizing and affordability of modern pop-up tents are leading to another trend where modern aesthetics reflect current design trends. Colors like mint green, baby blue, and plush pink are popular. Bold and vibrant color combinations can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your pop-up tent, resulting in a more dynamic and energetic atmosphere.

Waterproof Materials

A dripping pop-up tent can make a rainy day uncomfortable. In 2024, more pop-up tents will come with waterproof coverings that allow users to work outdoor events through light and moderate rain. Materials like 600-denier polyester are incredibly waterproof, and they maintain their waterproof properties for the life of the tent.

Swim team custom tent
cycling team area custom canopy


One important quality of pop-up tents that will drive their popularity through 2024 is convenience. New, lighter materials continue to make pop-up tents easier to set up and take down. Due to the simplified steps involved, one employee can often set up or take down a pop-up tent in around 10 minutes.

Driven by Innovation, Pop-Up Tents Continue To Be a Popular Marketing Tool

The popularity of pop-up tents isn’t waning. Companies continue to find new ways to use these temporary shelters. The biggest changes we’ll see this year are the use of customized colors, patterns, and designs as companies learn about the benefits of using their branding on star canopy tents and other pop-up shelters. Let Instent partner with your company to find the ideal pop-up tent for your next event.

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