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7 Summer Sporting Outdoor Expo Events Your Brand Must Attend in 2015

It’s time to plan your schedule of events for the summer. With thousands of attendants, from all over the world, this is a great opportunity for you to exhibit and to promote your brand. However, sponsorships often don’t come cheap and with thousands of outdoor expo events every year, it’s easy to just pick the biggest or the most conveniently located ones. Only, choosing events that aren’t the right fit for your brand can prove to be costly.

We know you want to maximize your investment, so we have not only selected the top 7 Summer Sporting events in the US from July and August, but also listed why they are the best and who will be attending, so you can make the right decision on where to promote your business.



RAGBRAI is one of the oldest, biggest and longest bicycle-tours in the world. The perfect occasion to promote your brand to 25,000 bicycle enthusiasts (67% men and 33% women) coming from all of the 50 states and many foreign countries. Many of its diverse exhibitors are: Schwinn, Gatorade, Zipp, Polar Bottle and many others.

From Sioux Ville to Davenport, IA-July 19 to July 25th



The Special Olympics World Summer Games is the world’s largest sports and humanitarian event, with more than 500, 000 spectators and 177 countries represented. This event not only offers great entertainment but also celebrates the abilities and accomplishments of outstanding individuals. Given its large audience, this enormous, multisport event attracts all type of industries and organizations such as humanitarian organizations, sports industry, food industry, music industry, services industry, and many more!

Los Angeles, CA- July 25th to August 2nd



Baseball Hall of Fame Weekend attracts more than 48, 000 baseball fans of all ages while offering four days of celebration and entertainment programs for the entire family. Event tents are setup for an introduction ceremony featuring four electees from the Baseball Writers Association of America: Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz. Lawn seating to the ceremony is free for attendees. More than 50 Hall of Famers are expected to be present for this event. If you are in the industry, this is a great event to attend if you want to target a large audience of all ages.

Cooperstown, NY-July 24th to July 27



Every year in July, Vans puts together the world’s best surfing, skateboarding and BMX action event in Huntington Beach. Thousands gather to celebrate this fun event in the beautiful beach city. Everyone from sporty, thrill seekers to beach lovers and families can be found enjoying the event. The streets are lined up with hundreds of printed tents promoting every type of business from local small business breweries to well-known brand names selling swimwear. The potential for your brand’s exposure is virtually unlimited! Make sure to come and take advantage of the beautiful weather that CA offers.

Huntington Beach, CA-July 25th to August 2nd




Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the largest gatherings for motorcycle enthusiasts. In 2015, it will be celebrating its 75th-year anniversary and it is expected to be the greatest & largest motorcycle gathering of all time! Many of those attending will be making history, and if you are in the motorcycle industry, you need to be there. Main Street is expecting large crowds and everyone from Jack Daniels Whiskey to local tattoo artist will be at this event.

Sturgis, SD-August 3rd to August 9th




The PGA Championship is the fourth and the final major event in professional golf. This event is enjoyed by 25 million Americans and makes the most money of all golf events. Many of its spectators range from mid 20’s to late 50’s, however, in recent years the industry has been targeting juniors. Being the most lucrative event in the golfing industry, it is a great opportunity for luxury brands that target exclusive lifestyles to attend for new opportunities.

Kohler, WI-August 10 to August 16




No need to introduce this huge event, one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. This is also the biggest one with more than 700 thousand attendants from all ages and all nationalities. It represents a great opportunity, given the size of the event, its popularity and its international exposure that could be the right time to present your new products to all ages.

New York City, NY-August 31st to September 13

There are an endless amount of summer events for your company to attend this summer. We picked these seven based on industry, marketability and size, so you can pick the best possible events for your business. Now your brand just needs to show up and stand out!

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