event tents - vinyl top

Best Practices For Cleaning Your Vinyl Event Tents

Purchasing a quality tent is only half the battle, the tricky part comes when it’s time to clean a top made with vinyl. The main rule to consider when cleaning your vinyl event tents is to always purchase cleaning materials that are approved by the tent manufactures.
First things first, vinyl is man-made petroleum and any cleaner that contains petroleum distillates are immediate red flags and will damage your vinyl top. There are several options to consider when your vinyl tent tops. These options include: old-school hand washing, mopping the canopy top, using a buffing machine, and using a washing machine especially made for canopies. Although these methods are tried and true, the most important factor for each of these methods is the cleaning product.
There are many different types of stains, from mildew to leaf stains and from duct tape stains to mystery stains. For each of these there is a very unique solution, one that will remove the stain while still protects your vinyl top. You can find some of these tips in Chuck Shipp’s “Tent Cleaning: like dissolves like”. It is crucial to learn how to clean your vinyl tops, for this will guarantee the longevity of your canopy.