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Elements Needed To Conduct a Successful Sampling Event

Sampling events help you introduce your products to your target audience and overcome many sales objections. Their brand loyalty might make them prefer your competitors in-store, but a sample gives a potential customer a no-risk way to evaluate your company. Excellent products alone don’t get people flocking to your booth at a promotional event – you need to hit all the key elements for a successful sampling event.

Custom Branded Pop Up Tents

Your first challenge is attracting your audience to your booth. You want to make a powerful first impression and stand above your competition. Custom printed pop up tents give you high visibility from long distances while setting yourself apart from companies who use plain tents. You tie into the rest of your booth through your pop-up tent branding. A consistent brand experience helps build trust with prospective customers.

Brand Ambassadors

Get people excited about your products through enthusiastic brand ambassadors. Models and other event staff should be passionate about their job. Give them all the details they need about your samples, your company and your other products so they are able to answer any questions that come their way. A positive customer experience with your brand ambassadors sets the stage for the rest of your customer touch points.

Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is a must-have for you to maximize your marketing opportunities. However, you also need the right type of clothing for the event. Match your outfit to your ideal audience. If your samples appeal to college students, embrace casual, trendy clothing. Are you looking for young professionals starting their careers? Break out the business casual. Turn to your current customer base to get first-hand information about what they like to wear.

The Right Products

Your booth probably doesn’t have enough space to include samples from your entire product line. Select samples from your primary product categories, best sellers, and new products. You want to provide a comprehensive introduction for your new customers without overwhelming them through too many choices. Consider regional interest when you make your product choices. For example, a condiment matching local traditional flavor profiles gets a foot in the door compared to something completely out of the original. Regional market research helps you make educated decisions about the right product mix.

Great Location

You can get every other element for a successful sampling event right but still experience poor performance. Your booth needs a great location so all your hard work pays off. The best locations vary based on the event layout and facility, so this element requires a lot of research and some luck. Attend the event before signing up for a booth spot, if possible, so you get a feel for locations that fit your budget and get heavy foot traffic. Your booth neighbors represent another factor in the right location. You don’t want to be stuck next to a low-energy and unappealing booth that drives away visitors. Consider networking with complementary businesses that work with your target audience.

A successful sampling event brings in new customers, builds your brand awareness, and introduces new products to your current clients. Nail these five elements to get the most out of your event promotion investment. You might add more time to the planning stage, but you reap the rewards once it’s all said and done.


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