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Pop-Up Tent Accessories to Keep on Hand at a Trade Show

Trade shows are finally back – and we can expect booths and displays to be bigger, flashier and more fun than ever. After the past year, we deserve glitz and glamour at every trade show from here on out! Be sure to have all the needed “just in case” pop-up tent accessories on hand to help keep your display and canopies running smoothly and looking great. Not sure where to start? Check out our suggested accessories for pop-ups and canopies! 

You might be wondering “What extra accessories should I bring?” Without a crystal ball, you can’t anticipate exactly what items you might need. Luckily, experts in the industry have been through it all and know the most common items we’ve had to run to the store for or wish we had packed. We’re talking extra stakes, lights and weights – oh my! 

Keep our handy checklist nearby as you pack up for your next show – we’re here to help make every event a success! Making sure beforehand to have all the additional accessories you might need for your exhibit space will ensure a headache-free set-up, while giving you peace of mind during the event. 

Accessories Checklist: 

  • Surge Protectors 
  • Ratchet
  • Ropes
  • Extra stakes
  • Lights
  • Weights

If you’re interested in stocking up on must-have accessories for your pop-up tent or canopy, click below to see our full catalog!

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