event sponsorship at tradeshows

Why Sponsoring Events At Trade Shows Is Beneficial for your Company

Many trade shows have opportunities for your company to sponsor events. Some types of events you can sponsor include breakout sessions, lunches, networking events and after-parties. The expense can be a significant portion of your marketing and advertising budget, but you get a lot of exposure for your money. Here are four benefits you receive from using this strategy as part of your campaigns.

Spotlight Your Company

You face many challenges when your competitors are well-established names at a particular trade show. They’re familiar faces that have been on this circuit for years, and you’re the relative newcomer. You don’t have the chance to get the best booth location, so your exhibit may not get the traffic you prefer. By sponsoring an event, you put your company in the spotlight. The trade show may have event sponsorship packages available or collaborate with you on the process. A few options you don’t see at every show includes bringing in a photographer and offering a free professional headshot session and setting up a de-stressing lounge to give attendees a few quiet moments in a hectic show. Attendees and other companies gain awareness of your brand and start to learn about your business.

Showcase Products and Key Differentiators

You don’t have to depend on your booth alone to showcase your new products. The event sponsorship brings plenty of attention to everything you have on offer. If you can give out product samples and encourage attendees to check out your booth after the event, even better. If you provide services, you have a prime environment for discussing all the ways your company does things differently from the competition. Well-established companies at a trade show might have better name recognition than your brand, but you can offer something fresh and new to the table.

Increase Sales

Buyers attend trade shows with the intent to make purchases. Event sponsorship puts your company’s name in front of them before they see a single booth on the floor. They may discuss your products in their meetings or conferences and do some research into the solutions you provide. You get the opportunity to sell more products by getting your name in front of the people that matter. Make sure to seal the deal when they come to your booth later on or reach out to you after the trade show is over.

Generate Leads

Your primary goal at the trade show is to get new leads, but a sponsorship gives you the opportunity to really show attendees who you are. Make sure that you invest well and do something that’s worth their attention, rather than rehashing the same old things you find at every other show. You’re making a first impression on a grand scale with the attendees and setting the tone for any ongoing interactions.

Before the trade show starts, take the time to plan out the entire experience from start to finish carefully. Every last detail says something about you as a brand, and you want to make sure that you’re sending the right message. Draw inspiration from successful events in your industry without ripping off the people who came before you.

Incorporate your lead generation strategies into the framework of the event. Attendees should have an easy time registering their interest in your brand. Have a process in place to deliver the information they need and to follow up at the right moment.
Event sponsorships at trade shows do cost a lot more than simply exhibiting at a booth. The additional benefits you receive from this move makes it more than worth it, especially if you’re looking for an effective method to establish yourself at a new-to-you show.


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