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2016 New Rental Products to Look Out For! Part 2

In case the previous blog post didn’t offer enough amazing products for the upcoming season, here is an additional list featuring the latest and greatest in the rental industry. Several of these products were also featured in Rental Management’s “The Hot List 2016” issue during this year’s ARA Rental Show.

Chandeliers by Modern Event Furniture


These stunning chandeliers come in chrome, gold, and rose gold mirrors. Which ever you decide on, chandeliers automatically make any venue appear more elegant and sophisticated. They are the “center piece” for the entire event and can make a memorable impression. The chandeliers can also be complimented with table and floor lamps to bring the theme together.

Ovation Dance Floor by McCourt Manufacturing

portable dance floor

The wood flooring by McCourt is essential for the rental businesses. Their composition makes them long lasting and secure. The backs of the flooring panels are designed to add a traction guard to eliminate panel slippage. The panels are also moisture resistant to protect against outdoor elements. The panels come in different colors including Windsor and light oak.

Palm Column by The Canvas Nursery

palm column

Grecian themes are some of the most popular themes for parties. They are elegant, creative, and very easy to pull off. These Palm Columns make great accessories in stock. They are more creative than regular columns and they can even be decorated with palm tree leaves or other leaves of your liking. The base of the column is heavy to keep the columns safe. For an added touch, lights can be displayed below for a more majestic appearance.

V5 Steel Event Pop Up Tents by Ins’TenT Industries


The newest event pop up tents from Ins’TenT Industries will offer similar quality commercial tents but with a more budget friendly price. The tents are great for multiple venues and the frame is powder coated to protect the tent against rusting ensuring a longer durability.

Building Blocks by EverBlock

everblock bar

Building blocks are a very unique product that virtually creates just about anything. If you need a bar, a wall, a stage, a DJ table, etc. the building blocks by EverBlock can create it. Instead of having multiple products for their own purpose, EverBlock building blocks can easily replace everything you have in stock. You decide what to offer with these life-sized LEGOs.