v3 canopy tent

Vitabri V3 – The Strongest, Most Durable Pop Up Canopy Tent [Video]

Direct from Ins’tent Industries, the V3 Pop Up Tent is a top of the line custom made tent ideal for promoting your brand to the world. Suited for any type of terrain, and built to last from the finest materials available, the V3 truly is the strongest and most durable tent in the industry. Check it out!

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How To Set Up Your Air’Lounge Inflatable Furniture

Not only will this custom inflatable furniture turn your event into a total hit, but the set up is so convenient that you will love taking them from one event to the next. In only a few minutes you will be able to set up your entire Air’Lounge set and get ready for your event. Your neighbors will be jealous that your booth will be getting all the attention! Check out this video to see for yourself how fast and easy it is to set up the Air’Lounge: Read more

air dome instent

Air Dome: How to Repair your Air Bladder?

The Ins’TentT’s Air Dome is a professional inflatable tent created to stand out at any event. We focused our research on designing a tent that is able to withstand variable weather conditions from strong winds, rain, to different terrains like the mountains and beaches. The Dacron shell, which is often compared to Kevlar is used to make parachute ropes, and is a resistant material that offers ultimate stability. The Dacron shell protects the inner bladder that is inside. However, we all know that accidents happen and one day your air bladder might be punctured. Read more

pop up tent - event

How to Set Up your Pop Up Tent Booth?

You have an event coming and you have everything from your custom printed pop up tent, to your promotional flags and rail skirts ready to give your booth the perfect look! Everything has been shipped to the show location and you’re almost ready to go! The last step involves setting up. Read more