event marketing trends

Top 7 Event Marketing Trends in 2018

Technology has transformed the marketing world, and some of the most basic elements of traditional event marketing are now obsolete. For example, mass marketing is less likely than ever to attract the attention of new clients. Your audience is looking for targeted messaging specific to their interests and needs. Read more

Top 2019 Largest Expos in the U.S

When you look at a list of the top expos of 2019, it becomes obvious that Americans love cars. Automobile trade shows dominate America’s expos. If you’re not interested in cars, then you have a couple of other options that you may enjoy. You can start your search by learning about the top 2019 largest exposed in the U.S.
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CES 2019

3 Booths at CES 2019 that Wowed the Audience

3 Booths at CES 2019 that Wowed the Audience Every year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) hosts a global gathering of gadgets and innovative technology in Las Vegas at its Consumer Electronics Show or CES, and CES 2019 did not disappoint. This year’s showcase of consumer electronics and innovation technologies brought together over 4,400 exhibitors […]