CES 2019

3 Booths at CES 2019 that Wowed the Audience

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) hosts a global gathering of gadgets and innovative technology in Las Vegas at its Consumer Electronics Show or CES, and CES 2019 did not disappoint. This year’s showcase of consumer electronics and innovation technologies brought together over 4,400 exhibitors and more than 182,000 attendees from across the world.

It’s no secret that CES 2019 left its mark thanks to innovative manufacturers, suppliers, developers and entrepreneurs who managed to wow the crowd with their new tech innovations. But part of that presentation magic requires having a CES booth that delivers next-level displays designed to amaze the crowd. Check out how these three brands pulled it off to wow the crowd.


Avid CES attendees know Google for raising the presentation bar high by implementing over-the-top booth designs that make its CES booth stand out from the crowd. In 2018, Google pulled this off by adding accessories, such as a huge gumball machine and a miniature train set to accompany its large blue side and oversized booth. But for CES 2019, Google took its booth to the next level. While other exhibitor booths featured standard sizes, Google tripled its floor space and created a giant playground equipped with an interactive ride as part of its CES booth. The tech juggernaut also focused on printed displays and signage that showcased joyful colors and the phrase “Hey Google” to help get the crowd excited about its Google Assistant product and all the new Google Assistant-compatible products, such as Current smart wall outlet, the Lutron Caseta fan control, and the Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi.


It’s not uncommon for CES booths to feature open-air concepts, But LG did it differently by incorporating its new products into its booth presentation. LG spared no detail in wowing CES 2019 attendees with its wall-to-wall (and ceiling) blockbuster booth of OLED TVs. The TVs wrapped around the booth simulating the feeling of a wave. LG also wowed the crowd by playing nature scenes on the OLED displays to provide a truly immersive experience. LG also impressed CES 2019 attendees with rollable TV displays that ascended and descended like waves to feature the brand’s new rollable TV.


Audi created an immersive experience to help CES attendees visualize the experience of riding in its concept cars, such as the e-Tron 55 Quatro and Immersive. While other brands may have used curtains or cardboard to create backdrops, Audi took you into the future with the power of LED lights. Audi made the experience one-of-a-kind by using LED lights as curtain backdrops. The luxury car manufacturer also transformed its concept vehicles by including movie-theater quality entertainment. It even outdid its competition by bringing its VR in-car entertainment to life by building a VR ride equipped with hydraulic stunts to simulate movement so attendees could sample the full experience of the Audi Immersive.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming showcase or getting ready for the next CES event and want the ultimate CES booth, it’s important to ensure you have the right tools if you’re going to wow your audience. Take a cue from these blockbuster CES booths from CES 2019 and elevate your booth presentation with the help of great signage such as branded trade show displays,¬† custom inflatable furniture and custom banners.








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