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5 Benefits of Having a Quality Printed Pop Up Tent for Your Sporting Team

Your sporting team works hard at practices and games, so you spend a lot of time at community events, around the field and at stadiums. Whether you’re looking for a way to create an official meeting spot or you want to get out of the sun, when it comes time to give your team the winning edge, a high-quality,  custom pop up tent brings a lot of value to your efforts.

1. Official Team Representation

You’re proud of your team, so your equipment should reflect this fact. Forget the solid-color and get custom printed pop up tents for official team representation. You can show off your team spirit at every event you attend so everyone knows your team name and style. If you’re actively recruiting for the team, you can also attract new players and their parents by making it obvious who you are with your own tent. Your logo, name, and website are easy to fit on a top as well, and it’s hard to miss a custom tent in a sea of solid colors.

2. Unity

How much time do you spend running around a stadium or event area looking for your team players? Instead of setting an arbitrary meeting point, your tent becomes an easy-to-find location and you spend less time gathering your team together and you have an easier time keeping them all in one place. With the time you’ve saved, you can plan additional fun activities or get more practice time in.

3. Protection

Your team spends a lot of time outside, exposing them to the sun, UV rays, rain and other (not-so-nice) weather. Sunscreen and jackets help handle these situations, but they don’t provide complete protection. Your players can limit their exposure to the elements by gathering together under the roof of your custom printed pop up tents. You also give parents the peace of mind that their children will limit the time they spend in potentially harmful weather.

4. Sponsorship

Your sponsors help your team with equipment, event opportunities, defraying costs and other benefits. You want to let them know you appreciate the help, but you can’t throw their logos on your uniforms. You have another highly visible option with your canopy, as sponsor logos can line the prominent custom printed top. Once the tent goes up, the sponsors can be seen from far away and the logos are far bigger than you could fit on uniforms or helmets. You may generate additional sponsor opportunities by giving your existing sponsors high-visibility advertising as well.

5. High-Quality Options

You’re evaluating pop up tents and focusing on the price point as your primary decision driver. However, going with a tent option that’s more expensive upfront works out better in the long run compared to a budget tent. High-quality tents are worth the investment, as their colors don’t fade, you can use the tent season after season and tops are replaceable. A budget option only lasts a season or two before the top rips, the bottom falls apart and other issues occur.

Once you get a pop up tent for your sports team, you’ll wonder how you did without it. With your new tent, you can show off your team pride, gather all the players together in one place and provide protection against the elements. This tent should go on your top-priority equipment list.

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