Fundamental Sales Techniques

5 Fundamental Sales Techniques for Trade Shows

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to sell your product or service if you use them to their full potential. Too often, companies set up a booth or room complete with experienced sales reps, sales brochures and product samples but do not get the results they expect. That’s because companies don’t always use effective sales techniques for these special occasions. Best practices don’t change just because the venue does. Salespeople need to stay proactive.

Engage the Crowd

Effective salespeople are aggressive in the best possible way. They assert themselves by making positive contact with prospective buyers. At a trade show, some salespeople let the table and booth structure change the way that they approach prospects. In fact, many sit behind the table and stay distant from the trade show attendees. Instead, consider shoving the table to the back of the booth and standing in front of it. Have a media presentation ready to roll and hand out useful and succinct sales material. You will make more contact and contacts by being in the mix of things.

Set Appointments

Instead of sending your targeted audience reminders like “See us at the show,” call them several weeks before the trade show and set specific appointments. In fact, try setting the appointments at slightly odd times like10:15. Experts say that people are more likely to remember appointments that are set at unexpected times. You are likely to see better results when you use these sales tactics.

Qualify Potential Clients

You need to qualify the people you meet at the tradeshow so that you don’t waste time pitching to those who cannot make a decision or who live out of your service area. You can do that by asking some basic questions about their job title and business location. Look at their name badge and ask for a business card. Ask if the company uses any of the items you sell and if they are authorized to make decisions. You should get the information you need in just a minute or two.

Give Away the Good Stuff

Encourage qualified buyers to hang around your booth or room by giving them access to good food or drinks and by giving away stuff they actually want. Most people love a good giveaway item such as a flash drive, a wine glass or even a hoodie so make sure to have some with your company logo and hand them out to decision makers. Tasty snacks, useful tools and casual wear appeal to all generations. Avoid refrigerator magnets, multi-colored Koozies and pens. You need to stand out in every way, including through your free goodies.

Close the Deal

Although you will have to follow up with some prospects after the show ends, focus on closing as many deals as possible during the event by providing solid incentives. Offer good prospects some one-on-one time where you offer them information and sales discounts. For instance, you can offer attendees special prices if they close on-site or within a certain time period after the show. Set up follow up calls or meetings at the show for those prospective clients who need more time to consider a deal.


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