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5 Tips To Grow Your Brand At Farmers Market

Do you sell at farmers markets? Are you looking to grab attention and bring in more customers? If so, then there are some simple tactics to keep in mind. From the fresh, natural produce to the passionate people that sell them, farmers markets help promote the organic food we all love. But with dozens if not hundreds of businesses selling at farmers markets, how are you supposed to make your business stand out? Well, it all depends on your farmers market marketing strategy. Here are five tips for growing your brand at Farmers Markets.

Choose the Right Location for Your Booth

The location of your booth is vital to so your brand can get the most exposure.  Make sure you do your homework before signing up. If possible, do a walkthrough of the Farmer’s Market and check out what areas have the most foot traffic. Where are people coming in? Is there an area designated for the products that you sell? Having an answer to all these questions will help you make the right decisions when it comes to signing a contract.

Additionally, make sure you select the right booth size. Keep in mind that to create a great shopping experience, your products need to be accessible. If a customer can’t reach or find a product because of the sea of people in line, you might see customers shopping elsewhere.

Utilize a Branded Tent and Logos Throughout

While having a wide variety of produce is vital at a farmers market, having a printed tent is also extremely important. When people are walking around, they need a tent that’ll grab their attention. We recommend utilizing a branded, printed tent that predominately displays your logo. If a branded tent is over your budget, try and be creative. Add a banner or a printed awning to your tent. The point is to set you apart in from all the other farmer’s market tents. If you have a unique, creative logo, customers are more likely to remember your name. To succeed at any farmer’s market, your goal is to make your company the go-to vendor. Have your logo clearly displayed on your tent, tables, signs, flyers, business cards, and anywhere else you see fit this will help ingrain your business in the minds of your customers.

The Proof is in the Product

We all love freebies. Whether it’s at grocery stores, concerts, or at special events, freebies keep us coming back. In addition, nothing shows the quality of your product more than giving a taste or sample of it. If you do not have anything to give away, make sure that you have branded packaging to go with your products or that you have business cards readily available for each prospect.

Be Enthusiastic and Excited About Your Brand

While many different vendors might have everything mentioned above, you need other options to stand out from the crowd. That being said, your enthusiasm might be the difference-maker. If your staff doesn’t look enthused about your products or your business, you might see your crowds start to diminish. Happy, vibrant people walk up to farmers market tents, so you need your staff to follow along. The happier, more excited your staff is, the more likely you’ll see a boost in sales.

Focus on Getting to Know your Customers

When thinking of growing your brand at farmers markets, you must think of what solutions you can provide to your customers. Are they looking to lose weight? Are they just starting to eat organically? Do they love to support local farms? When getting to know your customers, figure out what brought them to the farmers market in the first place. After you gain that knowledge, you can help them find exactly what they’re looking for and recommend a product that suits them best. No matter what brought them there, they’re looking for something to buy. If you get to know them better and establish a relationship, you’re more likely to see them again in the future.

Grow Your Farmers Market Marketing Today!

If you truly want to take your farmers market marketing to new heights, these five tricks can help you get there. From effectively displaying your logos and giving away samples to being enthusiastic and providing customer solutions, these tips can help your business grow to places you never thought possible.

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