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The Client: MBStix Apparel

MBStix Apparel is a small business in Philly founded by two athletic women, Mary Scharle and Meredith Shapiro. These ladies began by creating stickman shirts for their workout days in efforts to motivate each other. Soon, their design became popular amongst gym junkies which began requesting stickman workout wear. Scharle and Shapiro founded MBStix Apparel in the Fall of 2015.

The Challenge: Design Files Not Available

In efforts to promote their business to the next level, MBStix Apparel needed a tent to attend a fitness expo in Florida. However, the team at MBStix had no idea how to design a tent. They didn’t even have files of their logo or artwork. In fact, all they had were photos of their shirts with the logos and graphics and were very concerned that what they had was not going to be enough to design their tent.

Solution Provided: A Designated Graphic Designer to Help

Not having the correct type of artwork to design a tent is one the most common problems a lot of businesses face when ordering promotional materials. For this reason, we have recruited a team of experienced graphic designers. To help MBStix, we appointed our senior designer to work closely with their team. Preston, our designer, requested that they submit whatever files they had available. MBStix sent in a photo of their shirts with graphics and logos. Our designer recreated their logos and graphics from scratch. He then placed them on our templates and created renderings of what their tent would look like printed and presented these to the team at MBStix couldn’t believe what our designer had created for them. They were beyond impressed and happy that they approved their proof to go right into production!

The Result: An Impressive Tent to Represent Their Brand

The team at MBStix was amazed with the final product. They were very happy to have an impressive tent representing their brand at the event.

“We’ve got the tent all set up in Miami, FL now… it looks amazing. The quality is great, the graphics are clean.. it’s seriously perfect. We can’t thank you enough again for your thorough work with us. You’ve made us so so happy! Thank you again!”- Mary Scharle


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