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Making an Impression: Your Custom Tent is the First Thing People Notice About You at an Event

First impressions matter and that is precisely why business custom tent is a powerful marketing tool at an outdoor expo, trade show, special event or parking lot sale. The marketing goal is to create a positive first impression that strengthens the company’s brand, because brand has everything to do with customer attraction and retention. Despite the tent’s influence, some small business owners ignore details like tent quality to keep costs as low as possible in the belief that people will not notice.

In reality, people notice everything, and they carry their first impression with them to the office, home and social media. Whether you’re a big brand or a start-up, it’s always best to create a big presence.

Based on many years of experience, here are three “Rules to Rock an Expo” that will help you stand out from the crowd and get the reputation you deserve at any show.

1.Presentation is Everything

There’s an old saying in management science: “Everything’s already been said, but not everyone has said it yet.” This means that how you present your case makes all the difference in how people receive it. Does anyone remember that smartphones were around for a decade before the iPhone came out? It didn’t matter because customers want to be wowed and success breeds success. Perception of your company at expos and trade shows can be made in seconds, a factor can work in your favor or cause you lasting calamity – it’s all about your presentation. Even a small company can have a huge presence with a first-class tent and boundless energy pouring out of their trade show booth. Take for example the following trade show tent. This clever presentation naturally draws people to the booth and will not go unnoticed at any event. It immediately sets the tone for a fun event that will attract many people.

2.Credibility Has a Dollar Value

A professional tent helps potential customers see you in the best light, and it helps you stay on point. Branding was invented a very long time ago when someone figured out that a price war hurts everyone in the market. The strong trade show presence elevates the popular perception of your brand, allowing you to charge a premium for your products or services. People are more than willing to pay more for quality goods because it improves their social status as well. That’s why a cheap-looking tent at a trade show or outdoor expo can tarnish the image of the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. And that equals lost revenue you may never recoup. Invest in the kind of custom tent that will define your brand, and cause sales to keep rolling in.

3.Those Who Fake It Tend to Make It

Everyone started small, even the biggest of companies. They didn’t stay small because they presented their brand as successful from the very beginning. Even small businesses can have a presence as dramatic as the big players in your industry at an expo. People need the assurance that your brand is a winner. You work up to being a successful player by putting on a professional front and building infrastructure as profits mount. Carefully design a custom tent that demonstrates what you can do. It’s a matter of demonstrating pride in your business, so show the world where your company is heading.

Set Up Your Tent And Level the Playing Field

Make these three rules into a checklist that you check off before you head out to your outdoor expo or trade show:

  1. create a tent that makes a good first impression
  2. make sure your presentation is focused on quality, not price
  3. double check that your booth makes you look as successful as you want to become

The web and social media have really leveled the playing field for small business. Now’s the time to take advantage of that. Don’t be a wallflower at your next trade show – stand out from the crowd. You need that kind of attention, especially when your brand is just hitting the market. All you really need to make a splash is a stunning custom tent and some brand advocates online ready to share pictures, video and comments about your display. Make investments that prove to the market that your brand is all about quality. A good first impression is one that lasts forever.


Want to make an impression at your next event? Let us design your booth by requesting a free design consultation today: 

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