printed cafe umbrellas - pirelli

How Pirelli Became An Event Allstar

The Client: Pirelli

Pirelli is the world’s fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world. Currently present in over 160 countries, this brand is well established and recognized throughout the North and South American regions.

The Challenge: 5 Days to Create Custom Umbrellas From Scratch

Pirelli was partnering with Yamaha in Mexico to open a new store in the heart of Mexico City.  They were running out of time and only had 5 days to get all outdoor printed umbrellas before the stores grand opening.

Solution Provided: 100% Custom Designed with 3D Renderings

At Ins’TenT we always like a challenge, but most importantly we love to keep our customers happy. To provide a solution, we designed a completely new product using all the high-quality materials we use for existing products.

We knew we had a tight deadline to meet and we quickly began our process by creating a new template to fit the Cafe Style umbrella Pirelli requested. We sent them a 3D rendering on the first day along with our plans to use aircraft aluminum, which is what we use for the  Expert Line V3 Pop Up Tent and 600 denier polyester for all the tops. Additionally, we recommended our medium Sun Blade Flags to give the final presentation a promotional boost. They loved the rendering and approved it on the second day! The umbrellas quickly went into production and they had the product in hands by the 5th day.

The Result: Beautiful Heavy-Duty Branded Umbrellas

The final result was a superb presentation which Pirelli loved. They appreciated our quick productivity and the advice we provided for additional products. Today, those printed umbrellas and the blade flags are being used on the outside patio of Yamaha’s multi-storey building in the heart of Mexico City where they are visible to everyone.


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