Distributors: How to Increase Your Number Of Reviews To Sell More?

Ninety percent of people look for positive reviews before they make purchase decisions. No one will buy without reviews, especially if they’re looking at big purchases. So, if your customers don’t post online about the products you sell, your sales will suffer. Many sites, such as Amazon, Yelp and distributor platforms, provide a space for online reviews, but you need to go beyond simply knowing where your customers can share their experiences if you want to improve your number. Implement these strategies and get the positive word out about your business.

Follow Up With Customers

Check in with customers who’ve made recent purchases, and make sure they’re satisfied with the products they received. Some people won’t bother reaching out to customer support if they have a problem; rather, they’ll simply stop doing business with you. The follow-up gives you a chance to correct problems before customers turn to a competitor. If you have content available that helps them get the most out of an item, include that in the follow-up correspondence. Also, include instructions for leaving a review on your website or social media profile, or encourage your customers to post on another platform.

Ask for Reviews

Your customers have a lot going on in their lives, so creating an online review for you is not a high priority. Consider asking them for reviews directly through email. It will only take them five minutes, and you can offer an incentive, such as a special coupon, to sweeten the deal. Sometimes, all you need to do is remind customers how much you appreciate their feedback to get the reviews you need.

Focus on a Quality Customer Experience

You can have the best products in the world, but if your service is bad, you’re not going to get good reviews. Look for ways to improve the overall experience when customers purchase a custom tent or any other promotional item. Take the opportunity to go the extra mile and exceed their expectations. For example, offering a rush production option for time-sensitive custom canopy orders allows you to deliver exactly what your customers need when they need it. Strong collaboration within your company allows you to adapt to each situation and keep people happy.

Solve Problems

No one is perfect, so it’s inevitable that you’re going to hear from unhappy customers. You may be tempted to ignore small issues since they’re “no big deal.” However, when customers think a business is ignoring their requests, their frustration level increases. Sixty percent of people share negative experiences with their friends and family on social media sites or through bad reviews. You can stop a tiny problem from turning into a massive avalanche by being responsive to every customer concern. Be quick with responses, especially if they leave a negative review.

Take the time to listen to angry clients and let them feel heard. You won’t always have a way to instantly make things better, but extending sympathy for a given problem puts you on the right path. If you mess up, own your mistakes. Your authenticity goes a long way towards fixing things. Even the angriest people can turn into your most dedicated customers, so have a strong problem-solving policy in place. Plus, if you resolve the problem, the client will update their review from negative to positive.

You need online reviews in this day and age, so do everything you can to encourage customers to write about your business. Add these tips to your company’s tool belt and watch the reviews make their way onto your site and other platforms.

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