Distributors: How to Select the Right Supplier That Will Help You Close Deals

You can nail every part of the sales process, but still lose the deal if you don’t have the right suppliers. Your business success in the promotional industry hinges on quality suppliers who can help you close deals. You need your suppliers and manufacturers to act as a dependable partner that are always there for you. A close relationship with your suppliers helps you go into sales presentations with full confidence in what you have to offer. Here are four key areas to explore when making your supplier selections:

Responsive Suppliers

You got a great response during your product pitch, but your supplier took days to get back to you. Timing is everything, and slow suppliers will make you miss out on profitable deals. Focus on the suppliers that get back to you quickly during that critical period. Responsive suppliers will also immediately address problems you have instead of leaving you waiting for a call back that never happens.

Appropriate Marketing Materials

Your ideal supplier also needs customer safe marketing material on-hand, so that you have the supporting information you need to close the sale. The supplier should have material collateral without any logos or graphics on it that can be sent to the prospective client to help them gain a better understanding of the available products. You don’t have time to learn about every aspect of the supplier’s product line, so high quality marketing assets help you fill in the knowledge gaps. When you have easy access to the marketing tools you need, the sales process will be seamless and professional.

The supplier’s graphics department should also provide a quick turnaround on mock-up assistance so the client can visualize how the logo will appear on their custom printed pop up tents. You’re at a critical stage in the selling process, so you want to get the designs to the client as quickly as possible.

Dependable Delivery

Your client doesn’t care if your supplier is the one responsible for late delivery. Your business is the one taking the reputation hit. Get a dependable supplier that offers guaranteed delivery dates, so your customer’s printed materials get there on time. Ideally, they also have a logistics and shipping system that provides you with frequently updated shipping information so you can keep your client informed. When you’re capable of offering your customers worry-free service, you boost your customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Product Selection and Quality

Your clients have many options for pop up tent distributors. You need to differentiate yourself through a modern product selection that stands out from the competition. Look for suppliers offering innovative custom made pop up tents, the must-have features relevant to your customer’s industry and a wide range of products. If you work with a supplier offering tents that appeal to multiple markets, you will have an easier time building a relationship with the supplier instead of working with a dozen to get the same product selection.

Seek out suppliers with high-quality products. You don’t want your customer’s printed pop up tents falling apart after one event, as this reflects poorly on your company. Pay close attention to the tent’s build quality, longevity and whether you’d be proud to have the product reflect on your company’s reputation (learn more about: why the product you sell define you as a distributor). Consider field testing the supplier’s products and seeing how they hold up. This will help you gain useful first-hand knowledge, such as knowing whether the setup process is easy or how well the tent holds up in windy conditions. This, in turn, will help you connect with your prospective customers.


Your suppliers make or break your ability to close deals. The wrong supplier makes it difficult, if not impossible, to make sales and form long-lasting business relationships with your clients. Use these four criteria to help you identify suppliers that can help your business grow and thrive.


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