Distributors: Here Are Some Tips for Attracting New Sales Opportunities for the New Year

The new year is just around the corner and you’re working on your 2017 strategy. It’s time to start thinking about how you’ll attract new sales opportunities and provide promotional products for an ever-growing customer list. Use these tips to position yourself for your best year yet.

Get to Know the Market

How well do you know your current markets? The end of the year is a good time to research more about the promotional products that are hot for your audience and when you should push particular items.

Many promotional products are tied to particular quarters. The Advertising Specialty Institute tracks several trends that can help you put the right items in front of your audience. The first quarter is filled with best of 2016 awards, trade show promotions and winter apparel. Once March rolls around, golf products start to come to the forefront.

The second quarter brings many opportunities to take advantage of all the outdoor shows and recreation. Golf promotional products remain popular, while beach towels and sunglasses are handy for vacations. Custom feather flags and baseball caps are other popular items for this time of year.

The third quarter heralds a return to school for students, so education related products tie into this trend. Made in USA items get a lot of attention during these months. Jackets help stave off the fall chill, while awareness bracelets fit into many company’s promotional plans.

The fourth quarter is all about the holidays. Food gifts, calendars, blankets and sweatshirts are also excellent items to add to the catalog.

Take the time to ask yourself whether you’re selling the right items seasonally. Are you providing product diversity rather than locking customers into a narrow and seasonally inappropriate selection?

Find New Markets to Target

You limit your company significantly if you only stay within one niche. While specializing in a certain area is helpful for standing out among the competition, you don’t want it to hamstring the ability to generate new sales opportunities.

You can start with markets closely related to your niche since you have the groundwork in place for promotional products likely to appeal to this expanded audience. Look into the sporting industry, technology or other high-growth sectors. Your company needs to keep moving forward with the changing business world.

Clean Out Your Leads

Give your current leads some TLC for the holidays. Segment them into potential leads and hot leads, then customize a marketing plan for each. This focused approach helps you get the most out of your current prospects, plus your sales team can focus the appropriate resources on the leads most likely to convert.

Create Incentive Programs

Give people a reason to refer their friends, family and colleagues to you for promotional products. Incentive programs reward everyone sending you high-quality warm leads. Don’t be afraid to get creative and stand out in their minds. Take the time to build lasting relationships with your current customers so they return to you every time they need another order.
You have the potential to hit the ground running and break all your promotional products sales records in 2017. Pull out these tips at your next meeting so you can start creating a plan capable of meeting all your expectations.


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