Durable Winter Promotional Items For Exhibiting Outdoors

Exhibiting outdoors? The job can be tough even on the nicest days, but winter can throw all sorts of extra challenges your way. Whether its strong wind, freezing rain, or snow, winter is rough on your exhibition equipment. You need promotional items that set up quickly, improve visibility, and are durable to last event after event. Check out these products that can withstand the worst while looking their best.

V3 Pop Up Tent – Super Duty

The V3 is a strong, trade show canopy tent that is built to withstand everything winter can throw at it. Its strongest feature is its composition of aircraft aluminum. You don’t have to worry about rusting, and when it’s anchored correctly even 60 mph winds are no match for it. The water resistant vinyl top also helps keep you comfortable and dry during this season. The V3 has over-sized footplates to keep the structure stable, durable fittings to hold it up in any condition, and even reinforced truss bars to add additional strength

Air Dome Inflatable Tent

The Air Dome is not your typical trade show display. It has a unique, sleek style that draws the crowds. This inflatable tent has an ultra-modern design that will pop in a sea of more traditional tents. The tent can also accommodate high winds, bad weather, and uneven terrain. The fabric stiffens as it’s inflated, and its aerodynamic technology keeps it steady throughout the winter. This technology also allows the wind to easily flow through it without bringing it down. It dries out quickly after storms, so you don’t have to wait around all day before loading it back into your truck


You don’t have to put your custom flags away once winter comes creeping around. These flexible promotional items work in almost every condition. They can easily be secured with ground screws in the sand or snow, so don’t let that blizzard ruin your plans for custom printed flags. The snow can actually work in your favor: the flags are made of premium polyester and use dye-sublimated technique so their colors will pop, regardless of the weather.

Marquee Tent

The Marquee is a sturdy and strong frame tent that gives you a reliable home base during the winter. It doesn’t have as many poles as other frame tents, so you only have to spend 20 minutes setting it up. The less time you have to spend unprotected in the winter, the better. This custom printed frame tent also features a heavy duty frame, a strong footplate with a ground spike designed to withstand high winds, rust-free fittings and ropes and ratchets for anchoring everything down. The vinyl material can be printed with your company’s colors and logo, or other marketing messages.

Vinyl Fencing Banners

Custom trade show banners are another useful promotional item that doesn’t mind the inclement weather. Vinyl fencing banners have water resistant material that isn’t particularly bothered by rain or snow. They’re perfect for outdoor environments and can easily secure to the poles on your trade show display. The banners don’t take up a lot of space, so you can always bring them along no matter how much you have to haul around town.


Outdoor events during the winter present several challenges, but they’re nothing you can’t overcome with the right set of promotional items. Have a good understanding of what you’re walking into, the features you need to address adverse conditions and the ways you are going to create an inviting booth during the coldest time of the year. It’s not an easy job, but getting the right materials will go a long way to making it easier, regardless of the weather.

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