How to Safely Heat a Canopy Tent?

A heated canopy tent is a must when hosting winter or fall events!

Canopy tents are mainly known for being used during the summertime, but the fun should not stop because of how cold it is outside! Having freezing guests at your event is the last thing you want. You want to be known as the hottest event of the season, not the coldest. Before you go out and purchase a tent for your event, we have gathered a few safety tips you should consider to ensure your event is a success. 

A Good Quality Tent

That’s right we start at the tent. The first step in a heated canopy tent is making sure you have a good quality tent. 

A good tent decreases the amount of cold air that can get in and keeps heat in. Make sure to look at the tent you will be using. Are there holes? What is the material like? You wouldn’t wear a thin sweater on a winter night? Your tent should be of good sturdy quality.

Canopy Tent Side Walls:

When you are renting a tent or buying a tent, most companies have the option of adding sidewalls to your tent. Most companies offer solid sidewalls or walls with windows. These are great for closing off your event and keeping windy and rainy weather out! These sidewalls will also help you keep the warm air inside ensuring a heated canopy tent.  Not to mention they add a great look to your tent.

Canopy Tent Heater:

You got your tent, you added the sidewalls, but you still want to do more. We recommend a tent heater. Most rental and tent shops have tent heaters. Make sure you ask them if you have any temperature concerns.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at heaters for your canopy tent:

  • Safety! We do not want your event to get ruined because of a heater incident. We recommend getting a heater with a safety switch if it ever does fall over. 
  • Pay attention to the size of your tent. Make sure to inform your rental or tent shop about the size of your tent so they can correctly suggest how many heaters you will need to heat your tent. 
  • We recommend utilizing a heater that has been created specifically for heating tents. Many rental businesses and tent companies offer your tent safe heaters. Many of these heaters tend to be powered by propane and a fan. The fan pushes the hot air into the tent just like a furnace. 
  • Ask the experts: If you are unsure, ask your rental or tent shop for help. They want you to have a successful event and are there to answer your questions. Your main priority should be safety, and they are the perfect people to talk with to ensure your event is safe and warm.
Other safety measures when dealing with a heated canopy tent:
  • Ensure there is enough lighting so that guests can see during your event. We wouldn’t want anyone falling over a heater. (yikes) 
  • Make sure you have added the proper amount of exits based on your tent size. We would also recommend adding signs. 
  • Review safety guidelines where you are hosting your event to ensure that you are on top of the safety procedures and rules they have.